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Rest and relaxation

Lie back on a HSL electrically adjustable bed and you will notice the difference immediately. Our versatile and luxurious adjustable beds allow you to sit up, lay flat, raise your legs or flex at the knees. They offer numerous health benefits for people with health related issues and sleeping. If you find it difficult to get in and out of bed, or often experience an uncomfortable night’s sleep, then an adjustable bed could be exactly what you need.

To find out how you can improve your posture when sleeping, take a look at our 3 point sleeping assessment


Choosing your bed could not be simpler. First of all, decide upon what is important to you. With our wide range of beds you are sure to find something to meet your every need. Our bed frames come in 3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6″ and 5ft and you can choose from Standard or Wallhugger Action, as well as a Divan base. We also offer a range of sumptuous headboards and other finishing touches, including a choice of legs, under-bed lighting, massage units, drawer options and wireless handsets.

How an adjustable bed can benefit you

  • Independence
  • Improved sleep
  • Joint pain relief
  • Relax and rise positions
  • Back-care and leg support

Our adjustable beds can also add relief to a variety of different medical conditions such as arthritis, back ache, sciatica, circulatory problems and breathing difficulties. Please consult your GP if you are unsure.

How it works

We have included five electrically controlled points in our adjustable beds consisting of neck, back, fixed lumber, upper leg and lower leg sections to provide a wide range of sleeping and relaxing positions.

Quality and service comes as standard

All our beds are hand-built by craftsmen using the best quality materials available. Our beds are not created on a production line we make all our beds and mattresses by hand, here in Yorkshire. Even some of the wool in our mattresses comes from a farm in Yorkshire, where they produce the thickest and softest wool which we blend into layers to ensure ultimate comfort.

Free specialist delivery

After delivering your bed free, our specialist team will ensure that your bed is installed and they will show you how it works too.

Free removal of your old bed

Just tell us you want this service when you order and we will remove your old bed, if applicable.

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What our customers say about us

  • The chair is the best thing I have ever bought, worth every penny.

    Mrs. B Sayers

  • I’m enjoying my chair, and have had everything explained very clearly by your delivery man.

    Mrs. Gibbons

  • Never before have I dealt with a company who have treated its customers so well. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for furniture.

    Linda Thompson

  • Really delighted with the service from this shop. We were dealt with by Helen who certainly knew all about the products. She helped us to consider and compare etc. then choose the chairs. We received them in 2 weeks and 3 days. Well done, chairs much admired.

    Miss Monica M Jackson

  • The delivery team were first class. Certainly earned a gold star. Carry on the good work. Thank you both.

    Mrs. Sims

  • The service that we received was outstanding. The sales assistant was very knowledgeable and helped to explain how the chairs are fitted to the customer. Nothing was too much trouble and she helped us to choose the right items with ease. The provision of a cup of tea was very welcome and made the whole selling experience much more friendly. The other assistant was very helpful with matching fabrics and we got just what we required. Well done,

    J V Weller

  • My husband who is recently out of hospital was shown a comfortable seat. I must commend your assistant, having been in the trade all of my working life I know good service when I see it. The suite we ordered came quick enough. Well done Kim.

    Mrs. Olivean

  • The service I have received from your customer service department has been second to none.

    Wendy Pentling

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