The HSL Guide to Swivel Recliner Chairs and Armchairs

Find out everything you need to know about swivel recliner chairs and armchairs in the HSL guide.

At HSL, we believe that everybody has the right to feel comfortable and our stylish range of swivel chairs has been expertly designed to ensure that ergonomic engineering, good old-fashioned craftsmanship and contemporary styling come together, to help you sit in comfort.

Discover the full collection of luxurious swivel chairs here and keep reading for more information. All of your questions are answered in this guide.

With a variety of sumptuous designs, colours and indulgent fabrics to choose from, you’re sure to find a modern piece of furniture to suit your physical needs as well as your décor.

We’re proud to call ourselves the comfort people.

What are the benefits of swivel chairs?

The beauty of our comfy swivel chairs is that they can give on-the-spot relief when you need it; helping you to relax and recover from the strains of the day in the comforting surrounds of your living room. For 50 years, each HSL chair has been specifically designed for the customer who will sit in it, to improve posture and relieve any aches and pains, while looking good in your home.

All this without compromising your personal style.

From the Haydock to the Opal Classic design, every swivel chair in our range will cleverly slide into position using a combination of your bodyweight and the independent swivel functions. They each have three comfortable positions: upright, semi-reclined and fully-reclined, so you can choose how best to unwind, whether you’re socialising with family or losing yourself in a captivating read.

You’ll also find that HSL designs have an easy-to-operate swivel action. With virtually no effort at all you can go from a comfortable sitting position into a luxuriously soothing recline.

How our swivel chairs can aid your posture

Though we talk about posture often, the impact it can have on your body and by extension, your lifestyle, isn’t widely known. As poor posture can lead to a myriad of issues – from aches and pains to poor circulation and fatigue, as well as loss of movement – it’s important to understand how we can support our bodies and work with them in order to live in comfort, and also to live well.

To ensure you are well-equipped to engage in exercise when you are able, our swivel armchairs and recliner chairs are tailored to you, using our therapist-approved Seven Point Seating Assessment.

Taking into account how each part of your body interacts with each part of the chair, our assessment will decipher what postural support your body needs, so you can sit down in a better position for the ultimate rest and rejuvenation.

Our swivel recliner chairs and armchairs combine cutting-edge technology and British craftsmanship.

Is it worth buying a swivel chair if I suffer from a bad back or neck and shoulder pain?

As previously mentioned, bad posture can be a devilish source of neck, back and shoulder pain. This is because a seat that doesn’t fit you correctly can cause your spine to deteriorate over time.

Why not come into one of our stores and speak to a comfort specialist? The innumerable benefits that can come with improving your posture include better ease of breathing, more energy and increased flexibility to name a few.

If you’re suffering with pain, there’s a good chance one of our swivel chairs could improve your posture, your quality of life, and your décor – we just need to find your seat!

How we achieve an impeccable blend of comfort and style

We’ve woven together analysis garnered by our occupational therapists with the knowledge and experience of our furniture designers, engineers and interior stylists. In each chair we create you’ll find a blend of cutting-edge technology, British craftsmanship and our contemporary interior style design.

Detailed stitching and plush, quality fabrics make our designs stand out, while luxurious deep padding allows you to fully enjoy the benefits that our chairs have to offer.

How do you choose a swivel chair from HSL?

We see comfort as a must rather than a desire that may or may not be gratified. You deserve to be content and we’ve made it our mission in life to satisfy that need. Find your nearest storerequest a catalogue or book a home consultation today.

Browse luxury swivel chairs at HSL.

What our customers say about us

  • When I purchased my riser recliner the service was tremendous and the staff all superb.

    Mrs. W

  • The service I have received from your customer service department has been second to none.

    Wendy Pentling

  • The delivery personnel were prompt and efficient. Their manner was personable and obliging.

    Mrs. Lynch

  • Two of your consultants, Robert and Dave, visited my mother yesterday for a home consultation. We spent 2 hours trying out chairs and discussing her needs. During this period they demonstrated the utmost courtesy and patience. They were happy to give her a quote and did not try any hard sale either! What a brilliant service.

    Isabel Singh

  • Thank you Karen for the service and good advice and patience you took looking after my father choice of the right reclining chair. The quality and price and choice of the chair size was fantastic. Happy New Year, we will be back.

    Mr Cunnington

  • I went to your store with my sister who wanted a drop arm sofa and the staff were absolutely delightful. We were offered tea and the staff that dealt with us couldn't have been nicer. It was such a pleasure to be looked after by such nice people and we were there for over an hour - they couldn't do enough.

    Mrs. N Ellis

  • Very satisfied with the delivery service. The delivery staff were helpful and pleasant and my chair was delivered on time. No packing to dispose of, that was all taken care of.

    Lynda Sheridan

  • I’m enjoying my chair, and have had everything explained very clearly by your delivery man.

    Mrs. Gibbons

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