All About Our Riser Recliners

Posted on 14th August, 2018

If you need a little extra help when rising from a chair, then the electrically operated Riser Recliner chairs could really transform your life. Whether you choose a single or dual motor action, the mechanism operates quietly and efficiently to help you to your feet with ease. The correct support is important too, so our designs feature lumbar supports in the backrest, while the top quality fabrics and padding make sure you sit or relax in style and comfort.

  1. Do you suffer from any ailments that affect your comfort when getting in, sitting in or rising out of a chair?
  2. Do you need to be able to sleep in your chair occasionally?
  3. Do you need a little bit of help when rising out of a chair?
  4. Do you want to be able to control the chair backrest and footrest independently?


Helping you stay independent

We make two electrically operated recliners to suit all budgets and mobility. It is important that you choose the right one, as it can make all the difference to your everyday life.

Ripley Single Motor Riser Recliner with Knuckles in Canilo Oatmeal
Ripley Dual Motor Riser Recliner
Bicester Single Motor Riser Recliner

Single or Dual Motor Action

Single motor controls the backrest and footrest at the same time, so when you recline the backrest, the footrest automatically rises to support your legs. Dual motor controls the backrest and footrest independently, so you can choose to recline the backrest and raise the footrest, or stay in a sitting position and raise the footrest only.

Riser Recliner Chairs

Just a push of a button on the handset and the chair reclines into a relaxing position. When you are ready to stand, the chair will lift and tilt to help you to your feet. There is no physical effort required at all, making them perfect for those who may need help when rising from a chair. We have a good selection of single and dual motor models for even greater versatility.

Wall-hugger technology

Wall-hugger technology allows your Riser Recliner Chair to be positioned within a few inches of a wall, this is because the back reclines away from it and not into it (like a normal recliner).

Tilt-in-Space features

  • Offers more spinal support and comfort compared to a standard recliner
  • Nil sheer factor on the back when reclining
  • The chair base moves in harmony with the back (fixed back and seat angle)
  • The additional base function ensures the user sits correctly in the chair, giving better spinal support and posture
  • Greater leg elevation than a standard recliner
  • Ideal for users suffering from poor leg circulation, oedema and similar conditions

Please remember, that whilst the recliners will recline so that you can sleep in them, they are not designed to be used as a permanent bed.


Our Guarantees

Over 50 years of experience has gone into everything we make here at HSL. That’s why we are confident to cover all our electrically adjustable chairs with a Five Year Quality Guarantee (fabric and handset are guaranteed for 12 months subject to normal wear conditions).

When your purchase your furniture, you will receive a booklet which contains important information on our guarantees. It also contains instructions for the care and use of your furniture.