How to keep the grandkids active this Easter

Posted on 23rd March, 2016


It can be difficult to continuously keep the grandkids entertained over the Easter holidays for the very reason that they constantly want to be entertained. This could in turn lead to them watching excessive amount of television or playing video games. However, there are ways to overcome this feeling of constantly being responsible for keeping the little ones entertained and lots of it also involves the outdoors!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter will be a time of the year that means different things for different people. For some it will be a religious time, for others it will mean absolutely nothing and for many it will be time to eat as much chocolate as possible. And for those that fall into the latter category of these options, then a great activity is to carry out an Easter egg hunt in the garden! It can be as complex or easy as you like dependent on how long you want the activity to last. For a bit of added fun you can also print of clues and signposts and plant them all over the garden!

Cinema Tickets

Another great occasion for the little ones to take part in over Easter is to take them to the cinema! Animated favourites such as Minions or Inside out can be viewed at your local odeon and children can enter for just £2.50! This offer is available every weekend at participating Odeon cinemas and will give the kids a fantastic form of escapism for a couple of hours.

Tree top adventure

If your children or grandchildren simply love the outdoors then they will fall head over heels for the junior tree top challenge at Go Ape. It may be a bit of a hefty price tag at £18 per person but it will provide hours of fun and something to remember! You can also let the kids run riot and try their hand at tree to tree crossing safe in the knowledge that this activity is specifically for 6-12 year olds.

Family Steam Railway Day Rover Ticket in Somerset

How can you get the little ones out and about, get them to have fun and educate them at the same time? Well for £30, the steam railway day rover family ticket can tick all of the above boxes for up to four people. People flock from all over the country to enable their children or grandchildren to have an interactive history lesson with a trip on a historic steam train in a beautiful part of the country. This activity is open to ages of 3+ and children are counted up to the ages of 16.

Free Museums

Museums are as popular now as they have ever been and one reason for this is because of how interactive they are for the children. Also they cost absolutely nothing and provide a great deal of education! Some great free museums include: RAF museum (North London), House of marbles (between Exeter & Plymouth), museum of science and industry (Manchester) and the National Museum (Cardiff).

Visit a national park

Walks, picnics, sports and rambling with the children can all be taken advantage of across many of the UK’s national parks. From Dartmoor right up to Cairngorms, national parks are perfect for exploring the UK’s unspoilt beauty. All of them have varied wildlife, endless activities and stunning scenery. The grandchildren will be able to take in some fresh country air and experience the rugged moorland of the UK at the same time!

Keeping the grandkids amused this Easter will be a far more difficult task if there is no prior planning and by simply having a few ideas in mind will ensure that you have a relatively stress free occasion this Easter. Let the grandkids have an Easter to remember and start planning your activities now!