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The Top 5 Ways to Combat Arthritis

In the UK alone, it is estimated that 10 million people suffer from arthritis which affects people of all ages. If you yourself don’t have the condition then you probably know someone that does. The pain experienced by many can have a real impact on people’s lives and make even the simplest of tasks feel like an uphill struggle. However, although there is no cure for the disorder there are numerous remedies that can help to alleviate the pain. Here are the top 5!


Exercise or simply bathing in warm water can dramatically improve the symptoms of arthritis. The water naturally supports your body weight and in turn puts less pressure on muscles and joints. Scientific studies have concluded that hydrotherapy can improve strength and fitness of people with arthritis.


Physiotherapy, if used effectively with medication, can help to minimise the pain experienced when someone is suffering with arthritis. Physiotherapists have a detailed understanding of body movement and can offer simple exercise plans that you’re able to carry out in the home.


A podiatrist will examine the way that you walk to assess the best way to help you. As arthritis frequently affects the feet it is no wonder more people are turning to Podiatrists. Discomfort can greatly be reduced by the specialist prescribing orthotic insoles and shoes.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy allows individuals to maintain their independence through the use of personalised gadgets that can make life easier. The equipment can include ergonomic cutlery, bath rails, walkers and stair lifts. You’re sometimes able to refer yourself to an occupational therapist but you will more than likely be referred by your doctor.


Most people never get to the stage where they need surgery. However, if alternative methods are failing, surgery may be suggested. Possible operations include: fusing a joint, removing a bone, replacing a damaged joint and releasing trapped nerves. After surgery the pain should be relieved and mobility will be far easier.

Whether the treatment is sitting in a hot tub of an evening or undergoing an operation, there are ways to help either yourself or someone you know to a world with less pain. For the symptoms of Arthritis and to receive help then you can visit the NHS online for more information.

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