Top 7 Hobbies You Can Do in Your Riser Recliner Chair!


Whilst there are obvious benefits of getting out and about, taking in the fresh air and undertaking some exercise; this is not always possible. The good news is that there are actually quite a few hobbies that you can take up whilst sitting in your riser recliner chair. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to learn a new skill or are rekindling your love for a favourite pastime, below we have explored seven great ideas!


Keeping your brain active during old age is hugely important to try and offset various mental health conditions as well as contributing to a number of other health benefits. Therefore, by simply flicking through a newspaper and completing a Sudoku, Crossword or brain teaser you’re able to boost your memory, help reduce the risk of dementia and improve hand eye coordination.

It is important to remember that these activities don’t have to solely come from newspapers, they can also come from the internet, puzzle books or if you’re feeling very adventurous then you can even have a go at creating them for yourself.


If you’ve lost your love for reading then dive back in! It has to be one of the most traditional hobbies of all time and there is a reason that it still around. As well as keeping your mind active, reading can also expand your knowledge and is a great form of escapism from our often busy lives.

If your eyesight isn’t quite what it once was then there is always the option of audio books. Similarly, for those that don’t want to clutter the house with paper backs, there is now the option to purchase a kindle or e-book which is a great piece of technology that allows you to access thousands of book on one light weight device.


For the vast majority of us, music is an expression of ourselves and there have now actually been studies to suggest that music boosts our state of mind. It serves to evoke certain memories, helps us relax and generally makes us feel happier.

There are various music platforms now such as spotify which you can easily access on a mobile phone or tablet which has a vast collection of music. Exploring new music or discovering old time classics is just the start though! You can also learn to play an instrument or even try your hand at reading music.


Knitting or even stitching is not only practically useful for when garments accidentally get torn but it is also great for hours of enjoyment too. It is one of the most satisfying things to go from a thread and needle to a finish jumper, shirt or even a pair of socks.

This activity is also great for when sitting in your riser recliner and works to keep your mind active and your fingers nimble. You’re able to give your finished items to charity, friends and family or even sell them. With starter kits available at many stores, it’s an easy yet enjoyable hobby to start.


Exercise is important at any stage of life but as we grow older it does become more difficult. That’s why seat exercises are the perfect answer! The NHS have a fantastic guide on how to perform some great chair exercises, many of which are designed to help you improve flexibility and strengthen key muscle groups.

Undertaking these activities just twice a week will make you feel healthier, work to keep your mind active and even help you to sleep better.

Model making:

Have you ever considered yourself to have a bit of an artistic side? Well this is your chance to truly demonstrate it! Regardless of your interest, there is likely to be models available; it could be anything from footballs to cars or even celebrity characters.

Literally hours of entertainment can be had by collecting these miniature models. Most starter kits will include everything that you’re likely to need and you’re even able to paint them after they are completed.

Painting, colouring or drawing:

Again for those that have more of a creative streak, why not take up painting, colouring or drawing? It may seem quite childish to talk about colouring when an adult is sat in their chair but the truth is that there has actually been an upsurge in the adult colouring book phenomenon.

You’re able to set up a canvas on a side table and work from there. You could recreate images from the past, or copy an image from a magazine, newspaper or book. However be sure not to spoil your furniture by having guardsman protection.

There are a number of ways in which you’re able to enjoy hobbies despite getting older and the benefit is that it can literally be done from the comfort of your own chair. Finding enjoyment in life can come at any time and finding new ways to do this is key. Who knows, it could just be the best thing that you do this year.