Inside HSL

Inside HSL

Our core values are like a cup of tea

We like to think of our values as a perfectly blended cup of tea. It sounds bonkers really doesn’t it? Well let us take you through our analogy of the perfectly formed brew.

Boiling – To make the perfect cup of tea you have to start with boiling the kettle and to boil the kettle you need understanding. This is because of the patience needed to wait till that light goes out. Of course you can get your cup and tea bag ready but that’s only a small part of the process. At HSL one of our core values is understanding and just like waiting for the kettle to boil, we take the time to know our customer and perfectly find their needs.

Soaking – We are of course on about letting the tea bag soak here. The trick is to leave the tea bag in long enough so that you can have a flavoursome cuppa. This will then give the tea credibility which is another core value of ours. We’ve been around for nearly half a century and are now the number one back care solution in the UK. We like to think our customers and employees take comfort in the fact we have credibility.

Milk? – We are nearing the end of the tea making process but we are still far off defining our HSL values. The next stage is to add milk to the tea or leave it out depending on how you have it. This is why you have to trust the person who is making it. By the way trust is the third of our HSL values. Whether it is our World Class service or our Home Consultations bringing us to the homes of our customers; we know just how much milk to add to our tea.

The perfect tea – They say that the proof is in the pudding or tea in this case. When finishing the brew it is important to establish whether the recipient would like sugar but after this it’s all down to the taste. This is where you attain the reputation of a first class tea maker. The final core value that we live by here at HSL is reputation. Just like the perfectly formed tea we have the right formula to provide the ultimate comfort for our customers.

Now we can all argue about how to formulate the perfect cup of tea but the core ingredients remain the same. Like these core ingredients our values have and continue to stay the same.