Why Work for Us?

Why work for HSL?

Our Heritage

Starting from modest beginnings in West Yorkshire and now a nationwide company, we have always been a family run business and very much remain so. Despite expanding greatly, we always instil a family spirit in all of our work, from upholsterers’ right through to marketers. What makes us different to other companies is that we don’t just sell products but we endeavour to make the perfect piece of furniture to suit an individual.

From modest beginnings to a nationwide company

Our Mission

Our mission is to have an accessible and recognised brand by delivering a World Class Retail Service, offering exceptional Comfort solutions to our customers.

Our Vision - Changing People's lives

As we focus on both customers and employees at HSL, we have come up with a vision which is to ‘change people’s lives’. For HSL employees we have a ‘gift a chair’ scheme which embodies much of what the business is about and the ability to change people’s lives. The scheme enables every employee, who has worked at the company for more than twelve months, to donate a chair to a charity, friend or family member to experience firsthand what it means to change someone’s life.

From modest beginnings to a nationwide company
Culture & Core Values

Our Culture & core values

We work by a set of core values which are: trust, credibility, reputation and understanding. And we really do practise what we preach, that’s what makes us a great company to work for! We have a proud history of delivering a quality and caring service to all of our customers and that starts with the employees.

'It's all about the people'

It's all about thep people
Training & Development
Training & Development

Training & development

And what makes our employees so good? Well for one we place a great emphasis on training and development. All of our staff, from Comfort Specialists to senior directors, go on a five steps training course which enables them to have an in depth knowledge of all products and to really get to the heart of our customers' needs.

Nuturing the best talent

We also understand the importance of nurturing the best talent to ensure a great workforce and that’s why we have introduced an apprentice scheme. We offer apprenticeships in different areas in manufacturing and we are proud of the fact that they earn a fair wage. Once we have trained the apprentices up and they’re qualified, then they often become part of the family.

Nuturing the best talent
Are we the perfect fit for you?

Are we the perfect fit for you?

Working for us means different things for different people. For a Comfort Specialist it might be finding the perfect chair for a customer whereas for an upholstery expert it may be making the perfect chair. One thing however, remains constant and that is why we at HSL are not only good at what they do but they enjoy it as well! To find out more about working for HSL visit our Inside HSL page, or to see what roles we currently have available click here.

Career Focus

Our core values

...are like a good cup of tea

We like to think of our values as a perfectly blended cup of tea.

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