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Drop-arm Sofas Advice Guide

Drop-arm sofas

Your new sofa has been made from the best quality fabrics and materials, and designed to give you all the support and comfort you need.

Our sofas are built by expert craftsmen, with stability, style and comfort in mind and some are available on castors to make them easier to move around.

How to operate your Drop-arm sofa

To lower either arm

  1. Remove back cushions and seat cushions where necessary on your Drop-arm sofa
  2. Push the arm inwards (towards the centre of your sofa) as far as possible until you hear a click
  3. If you have pushed the arm in enough you should then be able to pull the arm back downwards to the flat position

To lift either arm

  1. Push the arm upwards (towards the centre of your sofa) to any of the positions you prefer

Should you ever fancy putting your feet up for an afternoon snooze simply drop down the arms, allowing you to stretch out fully and comfortably without having to leave the warmth of your living room.

Assembly instructions

Reclining modular sofas

Step 1

Unscrew coach bolts and wing nuts from action base


Step 2

Tilt section B as shown in Fig.1 and locate steel spigot into slot on action base

Step 3

Rotate sections A and B onto front as shown in Fig.2


Step 4

Replace coach bolts and wing nuts into allocated holes

3 Seater

For reclining 3 seater, repeat steps 1-4 on third section C as shown in Fig.3

To separate, reverse procedure.


Removal and replacement of recliner backs

Riser Recliners, Powered and Manual reclining chairs and sofas


Make sure that all cables are free from all moving parts.


Using a screwdriver or similar blunt instrument, insert into gap between action and metal sleeve and prise sleeve upwards to release back

(Fig.1). Then pull back upwards to remove back


To replace, simply locate the back section sleeves onto the rear struts of the action and push down until the sleeves lock into place.

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