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Protecting Your Furniture

Protect your new furniture with our Guardsman 5-year care package

We want you to enjoy your furniture without worrying about accidental spills or damage that may happen. Protect and maintain your new HSL sofas, chairs and beds with the Fabric/Leather Care Kit and Guardsman Care Package. The Care Kit helps you to look after your beautiful new furniture, and the Guardsman Care Package protects against any accidental staining or damage that could happen. And remember, if you do have an accident, Guardsman have a simple claim process so you can sit back and relax safe in that knowledge.

Guardsman Fabric Care Kit = £35.00

Guardsman Leather Care Kit = £35.00

Plus £25.00 per seat (special offer price £15.00 per seat)


The Guardsman Mattress Protector with our Guardsman Bed Care Package

The Guardsman mattress protector is designed to keep you comfortable, whilst at the same time preventing bacteria, fluids, and dust mites from penetrating into the mattress. The protector is anti-allergy, contains a breathable layer and a 100% waterproof membrane. The breathable layer ensures any moisture and heat are distributed away from the body and absorbed by the protector; creating a pleasant sleeping environment and providing exceptional comfort. All mattress protectors are guaranteed for 10 years and must be used to validate policy.

Mattress Protector for 3’0” bed = £45.00

Mattress Protector for 4’0” bed = £50.00

Mattress Protector for 4’6” bed = £55.00

Mattress Protector for 5’0” bed = £70.00

Plus £130.00 per bed (special offer price £80.00 per bed)


What’s covered with a Guardsman Protection Plan?

Accidental stains such as:

  • Drinks such as red wine or coffee
  • Food such as curry and pizza
  • Ink such as ballpoint pen, felt tip or permanent marker
  • Unidentifiable stains which are not as a result of a build-up
  • Paint
  • Make up and toiletries
  • Dye transfer from jeans or newspaper (not as a result of a build-up)
  • Oil based stains such as grease or tar
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Bleaches and other household cleaning products
  • Acidic liquids such as vinegar and lemon juice

Accidental damage such as:

  • Tears and rips e.g. caused by keys
  • Burns e.g. caused by cigarettes
  • Scuffs and scratches (to covering leather)
  • Pet scratches, bites or chews (not as a result of a build-up)
  • Thread pulls (to fabric upholstery)

Ask in-store for details of what is not covered within the plan.


Our top care tips

You can help keep your furniture looking like new by:

  • Vacuuming furniture regularly
  • Plumping cushions to help keep their shape
  • Periodically reversing and rotating loose cushions
  • Removing spills immediately with a dry cloth – dab, don’t rub
  • Keeping leather upholstery away from heat sources and direct sunlight


For more information on the Guardsman Care Package please ask in-store or call 01924 507050.



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