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Best Sofas for Bad Backs: Your Buying Guide

In recent years, awareness of back pain and its causes has come to the forefront of public consciousness. This is partly because more and more of us are having to live with it. With all of us living longer and a growing number of people living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, including at work, this is having a range of long-term implications for our health: back pain being just one.

That’s why, if you suffer from this problem, you need to think carefully and ensure you’re selecting the best sofa for a bad back. Your choice of sofa is important – choosing an unsuitable one could aggravate your condition further, whereas the right design could enhance your comfort significantly and help to alleviate whatever back pain you experience.

Here, we’ll discuss the impact that furniture can have on sore backs, and suggest some key features to consider when shopping for yourself or a loved one.

How does furniture affect back pain?

We spend a lot of time sat down, not just in the office (for those of us who work in them) but at home as well. This has, as we’ve noted, implications for our posture – persistent bad posture can lead to recurrent back pain further along the line.

The fact is that the human body isn’t really meant to spend as much time sitting as, in the modern world, it often tends to do. This is compounded by the fact that so many of us spend so much time hunched in uncomfortable positions (over a computer monitor, for example) and slouching. When sitting, even in relatively healthy positions, there is a build-up of pressure in the spine and hips, which over time can take its toll.

It’s not just our sitting positions at work which can exacerbate back pain, either. Of course it’s tempting to sink into a comfy settee after a long day, but this can also result in bad posture, putting pressure on your vertebrae. Thus, when choosing a sofa, you need to ensure that it is conducive to healthy posture and that it provides your back with the firm support it needs.

What to consider when choosing a sofa

When you’re choosing a new sofa, it’s best to start thinking about what you’ll mainly be using it for. By this we don’t just mean sitting, but what you’ll be doing while you’re sitting: watching TV, reading, or simply chatting with friends and family. This will have a bearing in how you position yourself on your sofa, and hence your posture.

So for example, if you’re an avid TV watcher, a recliner sofa could be ideal, taking pressure away from your neck and lower back, distributing weight evenly, and providing additional support while also assisting circulation and relieving aching muscles. For keen readers, a sofa with generously padded armrest support can provide your elbows with reliable support whilst helping to reduce the risk of slouching.

Firmness, comfort and support

Comfort is, therefore, not the only consideration to take into account when buying a sofa. Obviously it’s important, but if you suffer from back pain, you need to strike a balance between comfort, firmness and support.

There’s no one-size-fits all solution, however, as everyone has their own particular way of sitting and their own particular needs. This is why HSL offers a 7-Point Seating Assessment™, undertaken by specialist staff, to assess individuals’ unique seating needs and ensure that their sofa provides both proper support and genuine comfort.

Explore the range of standard, reclining, legged and drop-arm sofas here at HSL. Designed to provide you with the comfort and support you need; our sofas can help to relieve pain from conditions including arthritis, swollen joints and backache.

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