A Day in the Life – Home Visit Team

We sat down with Mick to find out a more about the Home Visit team… 

Mick joined HSL as a General Operative in 2009. He later moved on to helping fit the new stores as they would open and was heavily involved in setting up the factory here at Comfort House. When the Home Consultation service was launched, he was the first to get involved, and has been with them for the full 4.5 years. He now holds the position of Home Consultation Operations Manager where he oversees and manages all aspects of it.

“HSL does home visits all around the country. How many Home Visit teams do you look after?”

HSL introduced their Home Visit service in 2015 and today we have 17 hubs operating around the country. 

“How many Home Visits do HSL do each day”

We operate 6 days a week and on average we visit between 30 and 35 customers a day. 

“What would happen on a typical Home Visit?”

When a customer requests a Home Visit we would speak to them on the phone to ask which products they are interested in and how we might be able to help. We always take the opportunity to check how easy the property is to access and whether they have any special requirements. 

A Home Visit works exactly as it would if the customer were to visit a store. We conduct a 7-Point Seating Assessment™ and give the customer a full demonstration of the products. 

If the customer would like to make a purchase we can place the order for them. Equally, if they would like some more time to think about it, we can leave a quote or arrange a further visit.

We always leave the customer with information about their 7-Point Seating Assessment™ and a number for our Customer Care team in case they have any questions. 

“What is it you enjoy most about being part of the HSL family?”

I absolutely love meeting new people, hearing their story and getting to know them in their home; the place they feel most at ease. It’s a wonderful thing to be part of changing people’s lives because of the difference our furniture can make to their wellbeing.


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