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Adult Colouring: What Are the Benefits of Colouring?

Once a niche market, adult colouring has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. Although typically known as a child-friendly activity, it is increasingly being embraced by adults too thanks to its many benefits – particularly colouring for stress relief.

Fuelled by its current popularity on social media, it has become an escapism for those who are struggling with the stresses of modern-day life. Whether it’s having a go at a colour by numbers or working through an anxiety colouring book, this peaceful activity has proven beneficial for many.

Keep reading to discover more about the health and wellbeing benefits provided by this creative hobby.

1. Reducing feelings of stress & anxiety

Adult colouring has quickly become a method of mindfulness as it allows you to experience peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The act of focusing on colouring has been proven to relieve stress and stimulate a plethora of other mental health benefits.

The use of art in wellness is not a new concept, and art therapy has long been used by medical practitioners to help patients who struggle to process difficult emotions. Whilst colouring does not provide the same level of professional help, encouraging yourself to set aside time and focus your mind on this enjoyable activity has definite benefits.

2. A nostalgic experience

Remember the care-free days of paint pots, scattered papers and masterpieces stuck to fridges? Colouring is the ultimate nostalgic activity. It allows you to reminisce on being a child and re-creates that sense of freedom to be creative without boundaries.

Encouraging yourself to colour is particularly useful if you want to channel your inner child and focus on the simpler things in life. Allow yourself the joy of an activity without rules and the sense of pride that comes with creating something from scratch.

3. The chance to escape

Opting for a digital detox gives you the chance to enhance your focus levels without distractions. Physically putting a pencil (or even paintbrush) to paper releases you from the grip of technology, allowing your imagination to run free.

Colouring is widely considered a form of escapism as you can choose the outcome through personal colour choices and artistic flare. From flowers to celebrities, landscapes to abstract, there are options to suit all tastes and interests.

4. Get a better night’s sleep

Do you struggle to get to sleep at night? A quick colour before bed might be the answer to your sleep woes. Why? An electronic free night-time routine keeps your exposure to blue light at a minimum (a well-known cause of sleep problems) and this allows your body to naturally release melatonin as you start to get ready for sleep.

Not only that, but the calming nature of the activity both relaxes you and clears your mind of worries. So put down the phone and pick up a colouring pencil; a restful night’s sleep awaits.

5. A way to meditate

Colouring induces a zen-like state and evokes a sense of calm. It can help you to prioritise relaxation in your daily life where previously you wouldn’t have.

The process of overthinking is minimised due to the concentration that is needed to focus on one thing for a sustained period. When you focus solely on the present, you stop worrying about past and future problems.

6. Improve your motor skills

It’s well known that mental stimulation is essential for brain health and colouring is a great way to keep your mind active. To really challenge yourself, choose an intricate design that focuses your hand-eye coordination; it’s so much more stimulating than scrolling through your phone in the evening!

7. Promoting happiness

In a bad mood and struggling to shake it off? Opening up a colouring book could be just what you need. It’s a hobby that reduces stress, improves concentration and helps you forget your worries; no wonder you feel happier!

So, there we have it- our take on adult colouring! We hope this has inspired you to pick up some pencils and get creative. Why not get started with our downloadable colouring pages, available to print below? For more information on how you can improve your wellbeing, take a look at our blog for wellbeing ideas, or read our Wellbeing booklet; Your Journey to Better Wellbeing.

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