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Bedside Table Décor & Accessories: How to Style Your Nightstand

Making sure your bedroom is a soothing sanctuary is something that we deem highly important at HSL. Your bedroom is a space that can express your style, help you get a blissful night’s sleep, and be a relaxing haven to retreat to after a busy day.

If your bedside table has become a dumping ground for tissues, water bottles, old newspapers, it might be time to refresh it and show it some love. Keep reading to discover ways to transform your nightstand into a fresh and stylish space with our bedside table décor ideas and tips for using accessories.

Hide clutter in drawers

For practical and stylish beside décor, you may want to invest in some drawers or a small cupboard to keep by your bed. These are a fantastic option if you like to have lots of useful bits and bobs within arm’s reach, as you can simply pop them into a drawer when you don’t need them. This way, you can easily hide any clutter without detracting from your bedroom interiors. For smaller spaces where you want to maximise storage, drawers are a great solution.

Expert tip: the size of your bedroom can help to dictate the size of your bedside table. Smaller spaces are fine with just one or they can feel overwhelming, while large rooms can benefit from having two to add interest.

Bedside Table Décor Ideas

Let there be light

A lamp is a practical necessity for late-night reading and dark mornings, but it can also add some serious design flair to your bedroom. By choosing a lamp which complements the rest of your décor – whether that’s modern and minimalist or traditional and ornate – you can effortlessly match your interiors and bedside table décor. Equally, if you’re feeling brave, you may want to choose a lamp in a contrasting colour or aesthetic to create a statement space which draws the eye towards your bedside.

Whatever you decide, we recommend placing your lamp on your bedside first and then accessorising around it, so it becomes the focal point of your nightstand décor and doesn’t end up looking cluttered.

Expert tip: Consider the height on your bedside lamp; too high and it’ll be shining over your head, but too low and it’ll be right in your eyes.

Bedside Table Décor Ideas

Experiment with symmetrical décor

Are you someone who adores symmetry? Then this beside table décor idea will be right up your street! Compose your bedside table with a lamp, candle, coaster and whatever else you’d like to accessorise it with on one side of the bed, then replicate the same on the other side to create a beautifully symmetrical look.

Mirrored bedsides create a sense of unity in a space that is simple and elegant – and it means you only have to worry about creating one bedside table design!

Bedside Table Décor Ideas

Accessorise to your heart’s content

If you’re struggling to think of bedside table accessories, try these essentials. No nightstand is complete without an alarm clock; a necessity for early starts, but also a way to express your style. Choose from innovative digital, sunrise, radio and traditional designs to find one that suits your needs. Keep your favourite book on hand for any late-night or early-morning page-turning, as well as a notepad for practicing mindfulness or jotting down any thoughts in the middle of the night.

Flowers and candles are also a welcome bedside table accessory, adding interest, colour and gorgeous scents to wake up to – what could be nicer? Don’t forget to protect your nightstand from unwanted tea or coffee stains with a coaster in a fun print or bold block colour to match your colour scheme.

Bedside Table Décor Ideas

Books, glorious books!

For avid readers and book lovers looking for an easy bedroom side table idea, why not choose a shelved nightstand and line all your books up in rows? Not only could this be a practical place to store your current reads, but you could also use it as a place to showcase your all-time favourite books. Alternatively, you could colour coordinate them to create a miniature rainbow in your bedroom.

Expert tip: Why not vary how you stack your books to create an eclectic aesthetic? Try vertical and horizontal stacking or have larger books at the bottom and smaller ones at the top. You could also use bookends to make it look more intentional.

Bedside Table Décor Ideas

Have a place to sit

Although not strictly bedside table décor, we simply had to include the idea of positioning an armchair next to your nightstand to create an inviting space. The addition of a comfortable chair can be used to sit on when you’re getting changed or having a read, but one can also be handy to pop soft furnishings on and express your personal style. Think about the design, fabric and material when choosing your chair, as each element will contribute to the overall look of the space.

For a simple, modern-classic look, our Glenmore Fireside Chair could be perfect. Or if traditional design is more your thing, try our Burrows Classic Armchair.

Bedside Table Décor Ideas

Make it personal

Our last ‘rule’ for the perfect bedside table décor is to make sure that it works for you. Your bedside is a place where you can showcase personal mementos and keepsakes, like a framed picture of a happy memory, a drawing from your little one or a jewellery box full of sentimental pieces. Whatever it is that brings you joy, having it as part of your nightstand décor can ensure that you wake up with a smile on your face.

Regardless of how to decide to style your nightstand, make it a celebration of the things you love and the practical necessities you need on hand. We hope these bedside table décor ideas and accessories have given you all the inspiration you need to create a beautiful space.

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