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12 Cosy Bedroom Ideas to Create a Calm and Cosy Space

As the nights get darker and the days get colder, having a warm, cosy bedroom is the perfect way to turn your sleeping space into a calm and welcoming retreat. When it comes to creating a comforting space, you’ll want to be thinking about textures, layers, lighting and gentle tones.

To help you out, we’ve gathered our favourite cosy room ideas to get you inspired. If you’re wondering how to make a room cosy, just keep on reading…

Calming colours for the bedroom

Calming Colours

The colour of a room will have a huge impact on the feel of it, as the colours we are surrounded by ultimately alter our mood. Colour psychology suggests that earthy tones – such as blues, greens and browns – are the best tones for a relaxing feel. When it comes to calm bedroom ideas, it’s best to stick to warmer, neutral tones on the walls and then add in colour through accents. Essentially, it’s all about finding colours you like and registering how they make you feel.

Top tip: If you want to create a cocooning space, try sticking to one colour and layering up with patterned bedding in a variety of tonal shades for that perfect, cosy bedroom aesthetic.

Cosy living with tactile textures

Tactile Textures

Wood, rattan, wicker, linen and wool are all materials that exude warmth and make for great accents in the bedroom when it comes to cosy home décor. You can layer up with different textures – such as having brown wicker furniture, adding a big woolly rug next to your bed and draping a fluffy throw over the back of a chair.

Cosy bedroom lighting

Cosy Lighting

Another one of our favourite cosy bedroom ideas is to always stick to soft, warm lighting. Layering different forms of lighting, for example with a statement wall lamp, table lamps and fairy lights, is another way create a cosy living atmosphere with an intimate feel. Candles are also one of the easiest ways to enhance the cosy bedroom aesthetic, as well as using dimmer switches to adjust the light levels and opting for bulbs with a warmer hue to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Create a focal point with your fireplace


Nothing says cosy room décor quite like a fireplace. They serve as a focal point in any room and the bedroom is no exception. Add to your cosy living experience by complimenting your fireplace with the aesthetics of the room. You can add personalisation above your fireplace with candles, framed pictures or artwork. Add a fireside chair so you can cosy up next to the fire when the rain is lashing against the window and the wind is blowing outside, for the ultimate warm and cosy feel.

Add a rustic touch

Rustic Touch

Rather than adding bright pops of colour, stick to rustic touches for a laidback and grounded feel. Especially if you’re going for a mainly neutral or monochrome scheme, adding rustic textures will not only add visual interest but will also help to create a warm, cosy space. Adding in furniture and fixtures made from reclaimed materials is a brilliant way to inject character into your bedroom. Rustic bedroom ideas work best when they focus on neutral colour palettes and textured pieces. It’s all about keeping your furnishings unfussy and sticking to warm, earthy tones to add cosiness without overpowering the space.

The ultimate cosy bed

Cosy Bed

When it comes to cosy bedrooms, having an irresistible, clean bed to snuggle in should be at the top of the list. A comfortable mattress is essential and having a feature headboard is a great way to make the bed the centrepiece of the whole room. Mixing fabrics with different throws and pillows will add to that feeling of cosiness and warmth, and splurging on high threat count sheets, plump pillows and a thick comforter will create the perfect snug haven that you’ll never want to leave.

Top tip: Find out more about choosing the best pillows to support your posture right here.

Into the woods

Into The Woods

Adding elements of wood into your bedroom is a great way to create a warm, cosy finish as its raw and natural texture that gives a traditional, country feel. You could go for a simple wood bedside table or a stunning wooden wardrobe. If you’re lucky enough to have exposed beams in your bedroom, keep their finish natural and avoid using white paint or dark stains.

Top tip: It’s ideal to have one dominant wood tone in the room, for example cherry wood, so that you can then use complementary colours that have the same undertones throughout your bedroom to create a cohesive space.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns

Mix Patterns

Another great way to create a cosy bedroom aesthetic is by mixing different patterns with wallpaper, rugs and textiles. Choose patterns that are close in colour and scale for a cool, old-school vibe or use contrasting colours and scales of patterns for visual interest. Incorporating different patterns into your decorating scheme can be intimidating, but again if you choose a prominent pattern to set the tone for the rest of the space, you can then add additional layers of complementary or contrasting patterns with accent pillows, throws and curtains.

Stay grounded with a dark wall

Dark Wall

Create a warm, enveloping feeling by painting your walls with a deep, earthy tone to add a grounding element to an otherwise light palette by combining with a light-neutral toned floor, bright ceiling and bed linens. You could turn one wall into a gallery feature wall by adding plenty of photos for a personalised touch and instantly cosy feel.

Experiment with English country florals

English Florals

Add a touch of vintage charm to your cosy room décor with floral prints. Match with whitewashed walls and floors, add accents of bold colour and incorporate fresh flowers around the room to bring a touch of the English country garden indoors. Alternatively, pair with moody floors and dark walls to put a modern, urban twist on this cosy floral feel.

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Be bold with a dominant rug


An easy way to incorporate bold patterns and textures into your bedroom is by having the most prominent feature in the room covering the floor. An oversized rug will anchor the space and then you can add in accent pillows and throws to create a mixture of styles and patterns for added interest.

Enjoy calming activities

Reading Chair

If you’ve got the space, think about creating a snug reading nook for a cosy bedroom aesthetic. Choose a comfy chair to get settled into with a good book and a brew, and don’t forget to add a soft throw for an extra layer of warmth. All of our chairs at HSL have been created with CleverComfort™ technology and by booking a home visit or coming into store, one of our trained Comfort Specialists can help you to find your perfect chair by assessing your comfort needs using our unique 7-Point Seating Assessment™.

And those are our favourite cosy bedroom ideas. We hope we’ve inspired you to create your own cosy bedroom aesthetic. For more home inspiration ideas, check out our blog for more information and expert advice.

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