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Grandparents Should Earn a Massive £22k for Their Holiday Duties

The summer holiday can be a very busy time for grandparents. With schools closing up for weeks on end, parents can struggle, facing skyrocketing childcare costs and the difficult search for the right child-minder. Being available to help out and take care of little ones can often be a lifesaver to working parents. But have you ever wondered how much all that work is really worth?

We wanted to find out so we launched our own research. We discovered that two thirds of grandparents spend significantly more time than usual looking after their grandchildren over the school holiday. And all that time adds up. We worked out just what the average grandparent would earn if it was a paid role and the total came in at a massive £22,856!

It’s not just child-minding that makes up the work of a grandparent. Various intensive roles over the holidays, such as personal chef, chauffeur and sports coach, all add up to an average of 600 hour’s hard graft in one summer holiday. But it’s not the lure of money that makes grandparents some of the hardest working individuals out there. In fact, 85% of grandparents we asked admitted they look after the children simply out of their love for them.

Have you ever wondered how much all your hard work is really worth?
Have you ever wondered how much all your hard work is really worth?

There’s no denying it’s a tough job though. 35% of grandparents admitted they feel emotionally drained, with 57% saying they are physically exhausted from the work. But it’s all worth it, with you all agreeing that it’s the most satisfying job of all. And you may even be getting something back, with 40% of grandparents believing that looking after the kids during the holidays helps them to stay fit and active and encourages them to constantly learn new things.

Even famous grandmas spend their summer working for their grandchildren. Birds of a Feather star, Linda Robson said: “I honestly think that grandparents are invaluable. I couldn’t have worked without my mum looking after my children when they were little, and I treasured my time with my granddaughter, Lila. We have the best time together and have a special bond that will always be there. I love our time together.”

This summer, to help you accurately figure out just how much you should be paid for your holiday work, we have created a special Grandparents Summer Salary calculator.

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