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Low and deep seats can make rising from a chair or sofa challenging. HSL chairs and sofas are designed with CleverComfort™ incorporating a higher, less deep seat and arms in just the right place to enable you to rise with ease.


When you sit in a chair or sofa with a seat that is too low and with no armrests, gravity can play a bit of a number on you and make it tricky to stand up.

For the most comfortable chair or sofa, and one that supports your whole body, the seat needs to be at just the right height. When your feet are flat on the floor and the full length of your thighs are supported, the height of the seat is correct. Once you have this, sitting and rising will become a lot easier.

Aside from the right chair or sofa making rising easier, you should also remember that gravity is pulling your whole body down, whether that be when you are sitting, standing or lying flat. In fact, one eighth of our weight is transferred through our feet when sitting, so if they’re not touching the floor, this weight is transferred to our bottom and thighs, which are already loaded with up to three quarters of our body weight.

When the hips are well back in the seat, the full length of the thigh supported, and with your knee at a comfortable angle, then you will have achieved good pressure distribution – effectively “spreading the load”.  Without this, you may find that your chair or sofa causes discomfort in the leg, hip and back area, as well as leading to poor circulation (please see the dedicated section of this leaflet to learn more about how our furniture can help your circulation).

Your armrests also need to be in just the right position to help you rise with ease. If they are too high or low, it can cause discomfort in your shoulders and neck. This is because the shoulders are pushed up towards the neck (if too high) or forced down (if too low). These issues can also compress the rib cage, which may cause bigger problems for those who already have breathing difficulties (please see the dedicated section of this leaflet to learn more about how our furniture can help your breathing).

If you find you have trouble getting up and out of bed, then our luxurious handmade adjustable beds could be just right for you. Whether it is because of age, injury, or an inherited condition, our beds help to promote greater independence because they are easier to get in and out of without help.

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