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Inspiration for Your Healthy Eating Resolutions

Eating your own bodyweight in turkey and chocolate is part of the joy of Christmas. However now all the over indulgence is out of the way we thought we would compile a list of healthy, but tasty meals to see you through January.

The humble roast

It’s probably no surprise that the roast dinner has been cited as the nation’s favourite meal. It might be a bit of a faff to make with all the trimmings, but at its core, and with some sensible choices, it can be a very healthy meal.

The British Heart Foundation have some great tips on how to make a roast dinner healthier.


Another firm favourite with the nation is a “ruby murry”. Many people immediately think of curry as unhealthy and fat filled…..but, with a little imagination you can whip up a delicious and super healthy curry yourself.

This easy chicken curry  doesn’t look overly complicated, and for those that don’t like there curry too hot, it’s nice and mild. If you’re a bit more of a fire breather, why don’t you give this Bengali mustard fish a go. Fish is a great healthy option too!

Super soups

There is nothing better than a hearty bowl of soup, especially when it’s cold and dark outside. The other great thing about soup is that you can make a big batch of it, freeze portions and then have them for lunch or dinner when you just can’t face cooking.

This summer pistou soup sounds delicious and is packed with vegetables and a lot of ingredients that you might already have lurking in your cupboard and fridge.

If you’ve got the dreaded winter blues, a nice homemade chicken soup might be just the remedy you need, and this recipe makes plenty, so you’ll be tucking into left overs for days.


We all know that if we want a healthy eating plan to work, we need to allow ourselves some sweet treats now and again… and there’s only so much fruit one person can take.

There are loads of sweet treats that look incredible and won’t leave you piling on the calories. Check out these 50 mouth-watering delights.

We hope you enjoy!!

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