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The importance of good seated posture cannot be overestimated. Over time, poor posture can place a huge amount of strain on your muscles and soft tissues, leading to life-style issues such as back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as increased stress and fatigue.

Designed with CleverComfort™, HSL’s range of chairs and sofas are ergonomically designed to ensure key areas of your body are fully supported to improve your overall posture and wellbeing.


Having good seated posture helps maintain the natural contours of your spine and avoids putting stress or loading on the joints that pull muscles and ligaments, contributing to pain. By contrast, holding poor postures for long periods usually means that the position of your body is being held away from your natural spinal curves, and instead the head and shoulders are placed forward of your spine with the spine curved into an excessive S (extension) or C (flexion) shape.

Forward curvature of the spine (flexed posture – normally associated as being “bad”) places the weight of your head and shoulders forward and downwards, causing:

  • Strain on the spine – contributing to neck and backaches
  • Compression of the chest cavity – contributing to chest pains
  • Increased pressure on lungs and respiratory muscles – contributing to breathlessness
  • Compression of air in the chest – contributing to postural hypotension, faintness, tiredness and/or physical fatigue and headaches
  • Compression of the stomach – causing stomach pains/digestive difficulties.

Thankfully these side effects can be combatted through developing and maintaining good posture. Through our 7-Point Seating Assessment™ we can ensure that you find a chair that fits you well and promotes good posture. For more information about this, please ask your Comfort Specialist for our dedicated 7-Point Seating Assessment™ leaflet.

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