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Rest Easy Knowing Your Mattress is 100% Recyclable

Have you noticed that once you’ve decided it’s time to put down your book, turn off the lights and close your eyes, that your mind begins to race? It will go through all those concerns that your busy brain has been too occupied to think about during the day! Have you locked all the doors? Did you get everything for the baking you’re planning tomorrow? Another, more serious worry that could regularly make an appearance at this time of night is the future of the environment.

There is a whole host of things you can do to help slow the effects of climate change. You can remember your reusable bags at the supermarket, recycle your everyday waste, cut down on water usage, or simply turn the light off when you leave a room. These are all things you probably know about, and might already be proficient in. But what else can be done? Whilst you’re lying in bed, tossing and turning and worrying, there’s another way you could be helping the environment. One that’s even closer than you might think – your mattress. Can you recycle yours?

The Sleep Foundation recommends that you change your mattress every 6-8 years, but what happens to all the mattresses that are no longer wanted? Did you know that an astounding 7.5 million mattresses go to landfill sites every year in the UK alone? That’s enough to completely fill Wembley Stadium five times over.

Whilst a few elements of a mattress have been recyclable for a long time, other parts of it are not, and so more waste is created. Well, here at HSL, we’re delighted to say that all of our mattresses are now 100% recyclable, and not just that, but we’re also working with a partner who will recycle it for you once it reaches the end of its mattress life!

A little history lesson

In 2019, we launched a bold ambition – to become fully carbon neutral by 2025. We called it Mission Zero.

Whilst 2020, a year like no other, could have halted us in our mission – still, we forged ahead. Here are just some of the ways we’re making it happen:

  • In 2019 we moved our entire electricity consumption to 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Every year we plant 5,000 trees in partnership with Eforests near each of our Comfort Stores nationwide.
  • Since 2015 we have invested more than £750,000 into new technology across frame construction and fabric-cutting; significantly lowering the waste going to landfills.
  • We source FSC certified wood for all ranges manufactured here at our Yorkshire factory. We also make sure our printed literature is provided by FSC certified companies and use organic dyes.
  • We have introduced our own fleet of larger, lower load MaxiMover vehicles, which has decreased the number of vehicles needed per delivery.
  • We actively encourage the use of electric cars by providing charging points for them at our Comfort House Central Operations Hub and are planning to introduce more across our retail estate.
  • Since 2016 we have donated over 2,000 pieces of ‘second quality’ HSL furniture to the British Heart Foundation with a resale value of an incredible £1,266,795 so far and counting.
  • The waste from our factory is split into general, cardboard, dust and wood so that it can be recycled; the dust is used at a farm for animal bedding.
  • In 2018 we introduced new packaging for our chairs and sofas which is helping us reach our target of reducing packaging by 50%. The new design enables it to be folded flat and returned to Comfort House to be re-used.

And now, we’re delighted to say that we’ve converted our entire mattress range to a new design that is 100% recyclable at the end of its mattress life.

What makes our mattresses recyclable?

We are always looking for new ways to develop a more sustainable future for generations to come; especially when it comes to comfort. This is why our mattresses are now foam and glue-free – making them 100% recyclable. Most other mattresses will have a layer of foam, be that memory foam or standard, but we have now replaced it with a unique, ground-breaking, award-winning, glue-free pocket spring technology; Cortec™.

Designed in Yorkshire by Harrison Spinks, this is a sustainable spring system that’s removed the use of glue, meaning that it’s easily recyclable. Of course, we would never compromise on comfort, so we’re delighted to say that Cortec™ is still luxuriously comfortable and uncompromisingly supportive. With its fine wire and tight coils, our recyclable mattresses provide thousands of points of contact with the body – giving you unrivalled comfort.

Your sleep matters

Why does sleep matter so much? Our independent Occupational Therapist, Julie Jennings Dip COT HCPC, explains:

“Having good sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and will benefit both the mind and body. Researchers have identified that sleep plays a critical role in the body’s immune system, metabolism, memory, learning, heart rate and other vital functions.”

When we sleep, our body goes through its vital stages that contribute to our general health and wellbeing. If we sleep well, then the following benefits can occur:

  • Our stress levels drop because of our deep breathing and lowered heart rate.
  • The brain is allowed the time to organise and store its memories, and our memory is improved.
  • The complete relaxation of sleep lowers our blood pressure.
  • Our immune system is boosted by the release of infection-fighting protein molecules.
  • It helps our ability to stay calm, controlled and reasonable, thus making us a much more pleasant person to be around!

Your mattress matters

Not having the correct mattress may affect your posture and can lead to back and neck problems, reducing your sleep quality. This is why we have developed the idea of 24-hour CleverComfort™. Whilst our chairs and sofas support you during the day, our mattresses and beds deliver true comfort during the night.

Our luxurious mattresses do this by providing:

  • Back support – giving comfort, better sleeping and a natural spine alignment.
  • Pressure relief – they are soft and supportive and help improve your circulation.
  • Temperature control – the British wool used in the mattresses is a perfect regulator of body temperature. It has an inherent ability to resist bacteria, prevent dust mites, thus creating a more hygienic night’s sleep.

We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so here at HSL, we want to make it the very best experience possible. Whilst we can’t stop you worrying about whether the doors are locked, or if you bought all the ingredients for the cake tomorrow, we can help you rest easy knowing that you are doing your part in creating a more sustainable world with your 100% recyclable HSL mattress.

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