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The E-book Vs the Traditional Book

Whether you have an e-book, are contemplating buying one or are a staunch defender of the traditional hardback, there is no denying that there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

It is currently being reported that after the initial rise in popularity of the e-book, sales are slowing down. This could be due to the fact that other devices, such as mobiles and tablets, now have the capability to read books or it could simply mean that people prefer the physical touch and feel of paper.

Below are a few advantages of e-books over physical titles:

  • Night reading – If you’re an avid night time reader, then an e-book could be quite handy. This is because many of the e-readers come with built-in reading lights. It’s far easier than either using a nightlight or a torch whilst reading.
  • Storage – Those who have a lot of books will understand the issue of storing all the physical titles that have been accumulated over the years. With an e-book, all the literature is stored in one compact device.
  • Travel – If you’re on a daily commute to work or even going to the other side of the world, there is no doubt that the e-book is far superior in terms of lighter travel.
  • Ease of access – If you were to order a physical book online, it may take days to arrive and you can’t always guarantee that stores will have the titles you want in stock. However, when you buy an e-book, it comes instantly and you’re able to enjoy reading straight away.
  • Price – Ultimately e-books will often be cheaper in the long run, as there is no print fee that is associated with a traditional book. You’re also able to frequently get free e-books online, but there is often an initial large sum attached to the readers.

Below are the benefits of physical titles over e-books:

  • Resale worth – Unfortunately with an e-book, you’re unable to sell it once you’ve finished. With a physical book, you’re able to sell it on at either a car boot sale or online, or simply lend it to someone you think would enjoy it.
  • Quicker reading – There have been studies conducted that state there is a 10% quicker reading time when reading on paper as opposed to e-readers.
  • Reading ease – Although many e-books now have easy reading backlights installed, there are still benefits to having a physical book, as it will not put as much pressure on your eyes.
  • Unlimited batteries – Many of the e-books have a really long battery life but this doesn’t escape the fact that, at some point, it will probably cut out on you when you’re halfway through a chapter. With a physical book, you’re guaranteed to never run out of battery!
  • Sentiment – One of the most common reasons as to why people prefer physical books to electronic ones is the physical touch and comforting smell of paper. Physically turning a page and completing a chapter has a very satisfying primordial feel to it.

With recent studies showing that there is a slump in the use of electronic book readers, could this mean the revival of the traditional book? We think the answer is that there is always going to be a need for both the physical book and the e-book. What are your thoughts?



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