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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Pet!

It may be relatively easy to find the perfect present for a fellow human as they can at least drop hints or even better simply tell you what they want. However, finding the right gift for your pet can be a far more difficult feat. Below are five of the best gifts to give your pet this Christmas.

  1. The Cat Scratching Turntable

The cat scratching turntable will not only give your little four legged friend hours of entertainment but it will also prevent them from ruining your furniture.

  1. Self heating dog bed

The Scruffs thermal mattress will provide your pet with the ultimate comfort and keep them warm this winter. Each section contains a foam layer backed with reflective foil. This ensures that body heat is reflected back to your pet keeping them warm.

  1. Professional grooming pack

This is commonly noted as one of the most luxurious Christmas packs for your pets. It includes a grooming massage sponge and a palm oil vegetable soap with lots of different scents. Your pet will feel relaxed, invigorated and smelling very festive.

  1. The drinking pet fountain

It may seem like a strange thought to consider buying a drinking pet fountain when you could just buy a bowl for water. However, moving water actually encourages pets to drink and stay hydrated. Also the water that they will be drinking will be of better quality as the pump circulates and oxygenates the water, clearing all impurities.

  1. The pet tipi

Why not give your feline or canine friend a festival experience but in the comfort of their own home? This stylish looking tipi is actually a sleeping area for your pet which also includes a handmade woollen pompom. The finishing touch on this piece is that it can come with your pets name monogrammed onto it.






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