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Wellbeing Ideas for 2022

The Christmas fun has passed, and it’s that time again. A new year, a blank slate, a fresh start. Perhaps 2022 could be the year to try some new goals? We don’t want to call them ‘new year resolutions’, so instead we’re sharing a tick list of ideas to boost your wellbeing and make this year the best it can be.

We’ve broken them down into different categories, perhaps you could pick one from each to try this year?


Go on a walk every day: Walking has all sorts of wellbeing benefits linked to it, so set your own realistic goals and try to increase just a little each time.

Make a weekly meal plan: Decide what you’re going to eat each day in advance. It helps cut down on food waste and also means you can plan lots of healthy meals.

Make sleep a priority: Set yourself a new routine for sleep – you’ll be amazed at the difference regular, good quality sleep can make.

Wellbeing Ideas for 2022


Enjoy regular meals with loved ones: Invite friends or family around for dinner once a week and sit around the dinner table together to catch up.

Reach out to old friends: have you lost touch with friends from years gone by? Perhaps you can look them up on Facebook, send them a letter or give them a call to reconnect.

Meet new people: It can be intimidating, but meeting new people and forging new friendships can lead to increased happiness.

Personal Development

Read more: You might already be a keen reader, but there’s always more literature to discover – usually read thrillers? Try a mystery instead.

Learn an instrument: This could be the year to learn to play the flute, violin or piano. Set aside time each week to practice and you’ll be a master before you know it.

Learn a language: Whether it’s Spanish, French or Italian, learning a language is a fantastic way to stretch your mind muscles!

Wellbeing Ideas for 2022


Join a club: What are your interests? Why not join with others in enjoying it? Look at your local community centre and make some new friends along the way.

Travel more: Pick a new area of the country (or even the continent) to visit each season – this could be as simple as a walk along a new coastline, exploring a new UK city, or a long weekend in Prague.

Host a tea party: When the weather starts to improve, why not invite some friends around and arrange an afternoon tea party? Centrepieces, bunting, cakes and tea galore! Simply wonderful!

If you are starting any new wellbeing goals this year, we would love to hear them. Share them with us on our Facebook page, or email:

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