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What is Your Sofa Style?

When you start to think about designing your living room, there are lots of things to consider – what colour scheme will you opt for? Will there be any focal points? And perhaps most importantly, what is your style?

Interior Designer Claire Mallinson says that in her 30 years of experience, she often advises her customers to consider what the main feature in their living room is. Generally it will be the biggest investment; usually your furniture. As such, Claire would suggest you start with that, and design the room around it.

So, choosing your sofa style and design is integral to finding the right stamp of personality for the rest of your room. You might want to consider some of these:

Classic sofa

When you are looking for a classic or traditional style sofa, you will want one that offers a tailored look, with sweeping classical features. You’ll usually find they have a slightly firmer sit – meaning that whilst relaxing, there is plenty of support.

Choosing the classical look will ensure it continues to look good – whether or not you change the room design.

Our particular favourite in this category is the Burrows Classic. This is a beautiful legged design with striking square shaped back cushions, scroll arms and offers great support in its overall design. It’s a perfect accompaniment to your beautiful classically styled room.

Classical Sofa With Dog Burrows
Burrows Classic 2.5 Seater Sofa in Lucerne Madder. Armchair in Woburn Madder
Classic Sofa In Floral And Blush Pink Burrows
Burrows Classic 3 Seater Sofa in Blake Blush, Armchair and Ottoman in Felicia Blush

Relaxed Sofa

Relaxed Sofa Floral Burrows
Burrows Relax Sofa shown in Bennington Plum. Ottoman in Volante Ruby

When you get home at the end of the day, you want to make sure the furniture you sit in can offer ultimate relaxation. With sumptuous padding and support from head to toe, you can feel like you’ve reached complete bliss.

The added bonus of a “relaxed” sofa range, is that you have the option to upgrade to a recliner model. This gives you an opportunity to own your own piece of luxury – they offer great support and comfort. They also come with all the health benefits associated with elevating your feet when relaxing.

Following on from the Burrows Classic above, the Burrows Relaxed offers all the gorgeous aesthetics of the former, but the “to-the-floor” design allows a reclining option – catch or power recliner, they’re yours to choose from.

Recliner Sofa And Button Back Fireside Chair Burrows

Corner sofa

Over the last decade or two, corner sofas have become very popular – not only looking great, they also offer substantially more sitting space for smaller rooms. The elongated L shape is a fantastic option for someone who wants a more modern look, without compromising on comfort.

The bonus of many corner sofas is that you can personalise them to your own room’s shape and needs – building it up and adding any additional sections wherever you want them.

As one of our most recent additions to the Ripley Collection range, the corner sofa is a beautiful blend of CleverComfort™ designed luxury, with the convenience that comes from all corner ranges. For an extra touch of luxury, the ends of the corner sofa can be made with the reclining function – the ideal blend of comfort, style and functionality.

Corner Sofa Ripley
Ripley Reclining Corner Sofa in Kentash Grey
Corner Recliner Sofa Ripley
Ripley Reclining Corner Sofa in Kentash Grey

Leather sofa

There are numerous advantages to having a leather sofa. They feel that little bit more luxurious and special, and let’s not forget that they’re durable and so much easier to clean than fabric – especially useful if you have children or grandchildren’s sticky fingers to contend with!

Whilst most of our sofas are available to upholster in dozens of leather choices, one of our favourites is the Penrith sofa. It comes in either 2 or 3 seater, up to 3 sizes to fit you and is available as manual, power or rechargeable recliner. It is absolutely stunning in leather – making a bold and elegant statement in your living room.

Leather 2 Seater Sofa Penrith
Penrith 2 Seater Sofa in Vermont Pewter
Leather Sofa Suite With Recliner
2 Seater Sofa, shown in Kentash Stone, Riser Recliner and Ottoman in Orley Grey. 3 Seater Sofa in Vermont Pewter

Retro sofa

Retro Style Red Sofa 60s Carnaby
The Carnaby Sofa in Sleadale Flame

If you want to have a room that has a more unique style, then ‘retro’ might be right for you. You’ll want to choose bold/neon colours, shiny décor pieces, with personalised touches like pop art or movie inspired pictures.

Claire Mallinson says that retro is a favourite of hers to play with:

“[I love] mixing old and new. They might be things that you wouldn’t expect to work, but with the correct approach, you find a way to make it just right.”

One of our newest designs would be the ideal centre piece: the Carnaby Collection. With a fabulous 60s vibe, its striking button back and bold square profile is a great choice. Many customers have also commented that they love how easy it is to vacuum under- always a plus!

Retro Style Sofa Carnaby 60s
The Carnaby 3 Seater Sofa in Serrin Stone and Armchair in Volante Seagreen

Waterfall sofa

The waterfall backed sofas have often been associated with a style that is especially good for your posture and physical wellbeing. Indeed, Occupational Therapist, Julie Jennings Dip COT HCPC says that waterfall backed chairs and sofas:

“Should give postural support to the natural contours of the neck and lower back whilst supporting the shoulders. [The style] could help people with neck, shoulder and back pain, or scoliosis/lordosis.”

Sometimes a waterfall back design can look a bit clumsy and unattractive, but our Aysgarth Collection blends supportive and soft cushioning lumbar support with gorgeous styling, for added comfort and ultimate relaxation.

Waterfall Back Sofa Aysgarth Fireside Chair
Aysgarth 2 Seater Sofa in Lucerne Aqua and Glenmore Chair in Mr Straw's House Aqua
Waterfall Back Sofa Aysgarth
Aysgarth 3 Seater Sofas in Windsor Plain Silver and Windsor Floral Silver

Don’t forget that all our sofas and chairs are Occupational Therapist approved to ensure they support good posture, and come in styles and sizes to suit your own unique personality.

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