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HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 10th October 2021

Are you ready to test your knowledge in this week’s quiz?  If you have any questions you’d like to see featured, send them to us at and you might see them in our next edition!

HSL Quiz


  1. How many zeros are there in a quadrillion?


  1. Who directed Michael Jackson’s music videos for ‘Thriller’ and ‘Black and White’?


  1. Qeru Chay is a village in which country?


  1. Which popular children’s novel did Dodie Smith publish in 1956?


  1. What side of the ship is the ‘port’ side?


  1. Which word can be placed before bottle, bell and bird?


  1. In which city can you find the famed Arch of Hadrian (also known as Hadrian’s Gate)?


  1. What is the state capital of Maine?


  1. Which horse won The Virtual Grand National 2020?


  1. Which Dutch painter painted the ‘Laughing Cavalier’ in 1624?


  1. What was the theme song for the American sitcom television series, ‘Cheers’?


  1. In 1800, John Adams became the first U.S. President to live where?


  1. In which sport could someone be found at silly point?


  1. What is anthophobia a phobia of?


  1. Baklava is usually made using what kind of paper-thin dough?


  1. The Pritzker Prize is an award given in what field?


  1. What is a full house (also known as full boat or full hand) in poker?


  1. What is the most metallic element on the periodic table?


  1. In what year was the American horror film, ‘The Shining’, released?


  1. Which country did the U.S. buy the Virgin Islands from? (Bonus point if you can guess how much for in US dollars!)


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