HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 11th May 2021

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HSL Quiz

  1. Who were the original presenters of The Great British Bake Off when it first aired in 2010?


  1. Who is the longest-serving British Prime Minister?


  1. Did the bombing of Pearl Harbour happen in the First or Second World War? (Bonus point for the correct year)


  1. “Because You’re Worth It” is the slogan for which international beauty brand?


  1. What is apiology the scientific study of?


  1. Which European city has an international airport named after Leonardo da Vinci?


  1. Which ocean is the Great Barrier Reef located in?


  1. ‘Because I could not stop for Death’ is a lyrical poem written by which famous American poet?


  1. Which American pop band sang the hit 1997 song, ‘MMMBop’?


  1. A Negroni is an Italian cocktail made with gin, sweet vermouth and which liqueur?


  1. Which two numbers are used in the binary system?


  1. What was the name of the ship that took Charles Darwin on his first expedition around the world?


  1. How many wings does a butterfly have?


  1. Who directed the 1972 film, ‘The Godfather’?


  1. Which legendary folk hero is said to live in Sherwood Forest?


  1. Which vitamin was the first to be discovered and named?


  1. What species of bird lays the largest eggs?


  1. Which two countries border Lake Geneva, also known as Lac Léman?


  1. What is the capital of Malawi?


  1. What film won Best Picture at the 2021 Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars)?


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