HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 13th December 2021

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HSL Quiz


  1. What is the common name for batteries that contain zinc and manganese dioxide?


  1. What kind of animal lives in a warren?


  1. Which iconic U.S. motorbike company is known by the initials ‘HD’?


  1. An equinox is marked by what notable occurrence?


  1. In what year was Neptune discovered?


  1. What does the Mohs scale measure?


  1. The London underground station, Bank, is on which line?


  1. In the Bible, what is the first book of the New Testament?


  1. Who is the current presenter of the TV quiz show, ‘University Challenge?


  1. What does the ‘A’ stand for in the acronym DNA?


  1. What is the word for ‘rhino’ in German?


  1. Name the three colours in the Jamaican flag.


  1. The Staatsoper concert venue is situated in which Austrian city?


  1. What is the English equivalent for an item that Americans would call a ‘thumb tack?


  1. Which famous mountain is located just outside Tokyo?


  1. What is the traditional Egyptian and Middle Eastern food which is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both?


  1. David Beckham played his last game of professional football in the shirt of which club?


  1. The Spanish resort, Benidorm, sits on which sea?


  1. ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ was the title of the 1970 album from which American musical duo?


  1. Where would you find the glabella in the human body? a) Face b) Stomach c) Bones


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