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HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 18th April 2022

Are you ready to test your knowledge in this week’s quiz?  If you have any questions you’d like to see featured, send them to us at and you might see them in our next edition!

HSL Quiz


  1. What was Princess Diana’s maiden name?


  1. Who was the Roman God of love?


  1. Who was English comic and actor, Stan Laurel’s, on-screen partner?


  1. Duroc, Berkshire and Mangalica are breeds of which type of animal?


  1. Which flying insect is the symbol of Manchester?


  1. What surface are Wimbledon tennis matches played on?


  1. Which supernatural beings are known in Dutch folklore as Kabouters, but as what in Ireland?


  1. Ocular Coloboma is a medical condition that affects which organs in the body?


  1. Rabat is the capital of which African country?


  1. Who served as British Prime Minister after Tony Blair and before David Cameron?


  1. Which English writer wrote the novel, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’?


  1. What word is used in Hawaii as both a greeting and farewell?


  1. In the classic crime drama, what is Magnum P.I.’s full name?


  1. What animal can clean its ear with its tongue?


  1. In the well-known children’s fairy tale, what was Hansel’s sister called?


  1. What does ‘IQ’ stand for?


  1. Which famous actress is the mother of fellow American actress and singer, Liza Minnelli?


  1. What is the chemical symbol for Carbon?


  1. What is the deadliest jellyfish in the world?


  1. Which American actress played Sarah Connor in the 1984 film, ‘The Terminator’?


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