HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 24th March 2021

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HSL Quiz

  1. In what year was M&S founded?


  1. Which Roman god is The Statue of Liberty in New York based on?


  1. Finish the well-known expression, “we’re not trying to reinvent the ______.”


  1. In which British city would you find the historic monument Stonehenge?


  1. Who wrote the song, ‘Landslide’, released in 1975?


  1. What is scolionophobia or didaskaleinophobia?


  1. Which 2013 film focuses on the adaptation of the ‘Mary Poppins’ children’s books for cinema?


  1. What alcohol is traditionally put in tiramisu?


  1. How many women have walked on the moon?


  1. Which character was the first landlady of the Rovers Return pub in Coronation Street?


  1. Who wrote the 1996 historical fictional novel, ‘Alias Grace’?


  1. What date is St. Patrick’s Day each year?


  1. What are the two main colours on the Austrian flag?


  1. In what year did Richard Nixon become the 37th President of the United States of America? A) 1969 B) 1968 C) 1970


  1. Who plays the character of Legolas in the film adaption of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J. R. R. Tolkien?


  1. When was the first human heart transplant performed?


  1. What is the most common type of star found in the Milky Way?


  1. Where was professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, born?


  1. Who supposedly invented the sandwich?


  1. What kind of dental specialist generally performs root canals?


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