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HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 28th November 2022

Are you ready to test your knowledge in this week’s quiz?  If you have any questions you’d like to see featured, send them to us at and you might see them in our next edition!

HSL Quiz 


  1. Which sports car company manufactures the 911?


  1. What is the most sold flavour of Walker’s crisps?


  1. In what franchise would you find the character Katniss Everdeen?


  1. How many minutes are in a game of rugby league?


  1. Where in England would you find the theme park Dreamland?


  1. What year was Heinz established?


  1. What was Queen Elizabeth II’s surname?


  1. Periwinkle is a shade of which primary colour?


  1. What year did Margaret Thatcher die?


  1. Who plays Delboy Trotter in the TV show “Only Fools and Horses”?


  1. What does He stand for on the periodic table?


  1. Typically, what is the strongest muscle in the human body?


  1. What are the three water signs in astrology?


  1. What does the AC button on a calculator stand for?


  1. What is Scooby Doo’s full name?


  1. What city has the highest life expectancy?


  1. How many minutes are in a full week?


  1. Who is the manager of the England football team as of 2020?


  1. Which two planets in our solar system possess no moons?


  1. What is currently the most watched show of 2022 on Netflix?



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