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HSL’s Weekly Quiz – 8th July

How is it already July? Where on earth is this year going? Well, at least the fast moving weeks means our weekly quiz comes round that much sooner! 20 questions all for you once again…

  1. The planets in our solar system are divided into inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) and outer planets (Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn). Which set of planets do not have solid surfaces?


  1. What is the name for a baby beaver?


  1. What is the length of Loch Ness (to the nearest km)?


  1. What is Usain Bolt’s fastest time recorded for running the 100m sprint?


  1. When Emmerdale first came to our screens back in 1972, where was it filmed?


  1. What is the world’s hottest chilli pepper?


  1. How many series of Celebrity Big Brother aired on Channel 5?


  1. Which shoe brand launched first, Nike or adidas?


  1. What are the names of Harry Potter’s parents?


  1. What colour is a flamingo when it’s born?


  1. Who commissioned the Arc de Triomphe in Paris?


  1. Where is the smallest bone in the human body?


  1. What are the type of beans called that are used within a typical can of baked beans?


  1. How long was David Cameron Prime Minister for?


  1. Who reigned longer, Queen Victoria or King George III?


  1. Wiener Schnitzel is the national dish of which country?


  1. How many universities are in the Russell Group?


  1. Who was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire?


  1. A Chiweenie is a mixture of which two dog breeds?


  1. In what year and what month was the first polymer £20 note issued?

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