As a chair specialist you may wonder why we are talking about keeping people moving. But we believe that getting a good rest is key to recharging the batteries and getting more out of life: if you rest better, you’ll move better. Yet so many people make do with chairs and sofas that look great but don’t actually help them physically – which is where HSL fits in!  For over 40 years we’ve created furniture collections with you in mind. Whether you need support for posture or simply a bit of help to get up easier, all our furniture is comfortable and stylish.



The method is in the moving

"Just like a diesel engine, our joints should be thought of as a machine with moving parts that need to be regularly maintained in order to keep working."

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Five top tips for keeping active around the home

Although sitting back and relaxing can seem like the easy option when you’re spending time at home, it’s important to keep active in order to help avoid serious health conditions, such as poor circulation, heart disease and diabetes.

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes

Find out how our handcrafted, tailored furniture can give you a new lease of life just like it has done for Linda, Ray, Sue, Basil and Eileen.

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