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S172 Statement

Statement by the directors in performance of their statutory duties in accordance with s172(1) of the Companies Act 2006

The directors of High Seat Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries High Seat Limited and HSL Manufacturing Limited (together “HSL” or “the Group”) consider that, in both individual and collective decision making which took place during the year ended 31 December 2020, they have acted in a way which is most likely to promote the success of the Group for the benefit of the company’s shareholders as a whole, whilst having regard to the stakeholders and matters set out in s172(1)(a-f) of the Companies Act 2006.


The directors’ objective is to promote the long term financial viability and success of the Group.  In doing so they have considered matters including the following:

  • the expected long term consequence of the decisions they make;
  • the impact upon HSL’s retail customers;
  • the interests of colleagues across the Group;
  • HSL’s bank and other funding partners;
  • relationships with the Group’s suppliers and other business partners;
  • the impact of operations on society and the environment;
  • the need to maintain a reputation for high standards of business conduct; and
  • the need to act fairly as between all shareholders of the company.


In this regard, the directors discharge their duties as follows:


Risk management


The directors have consideration of long term risks to the Group, which are managed through a continuous exercise of risk identification, risk appraisal and, where appropriate, the implementation of mitigating actions.  This exercise includes regular review of risks in board meetings, which take place at least monthly, and input from colleagues within relevant areas of the business and from a range of external sources.  During much of 2020, board meetings took place weekly, to reflect the environment of increased risk.


The principal risks and uncertainties faced by the Group are outlined in its financial statements, which are publicly available.




As a retailer serving a typically older demographic, the directors at all times recognise the Group’s responsibility to its customers.  All key strategic and operational decisions include consideration of the impact on the customer experience, product quality, service standards, and value-for-money.  This includes gathering feedback directly from customers via surveys, independent customer reviews, customer listening Groups and seeking input from colleagues who work within the Group’s retail channel.




The directors recognise the critical role that all colleagues play in protecting HSL’s heritage and unique culture and values, which in turn help promote the success of the Group.


The directors are committed to treating all colleagues with fairness, respect and equality, and continue to assess ways of enhancing the pay and benefits and wider support available to all employees.  Health and safety, and colleague wellbeing are key focuses and are managed by measures including a Group health & safety committee which reports into the Group board of directors, trained mental health first aiders, wellbeing content provided to colleagues via a range of channels and a free-to-use Employee Assistance Programme.


Colleague feedback is gathered regularly in a variety of means including listening groups across all areas of the business and an annual staff survey.


The Group maintains an intranet site providing members of staff with information on matters of concern to them as employees.  In addition, employees receive regular briefings from the directors and the senior management team through a number of channels, highlighting matters relevant to them, including the financial and economic factors affecting the performance of the Group.


Bank and funding partners


HSL’s strategic plans are developed and appraised with careful regard to the interests of the Group’s bank and other funding partners.  The directors seek to ensure that sufficient facilities remain available to meet current needs, and to provide sufficient headroom for future investment and unexpected events.


The Group has a proactive and transparent relationship with all funding partners, including its bank, Natwest, and this is reflected most recently in the additional facilities raised during 2020. The Group’s approach includes sharing budgetary and financial information regularly and meeting periodically to discuss trading performance and strategic plans.


Suppliers and business partners


HSL works with a carefully selection of third party manufacturers and service partners, and suppliers of manufacturing components, which together are key to its ability to continue to provide high quality products and service standards for its customers.


The directors and key members of the senior management team regularly engage with suppliers to discuss performance, quality, price, and how by working in close partnership the Group can continually improve its supply chain.


Society and the environment


The Group seeks to positively impact on the lives of customers and colleagues; and it sets a strategy and operational plans which pay careful regard to the communities it operates in and its wider social responsibilities.


As a national retailer, the Group recognises its responsibility to local communities and sets out to support these through local and national charitable activities.


Mission Zero is HSL’s environmental strategy, which targets achieving carbon neutrality by 2025, and which is regularly communicated to all colleagues. Strategic developments across the Group are assessed against this strategy and the directors continue to appraise operational changes which deliver this goal.


Business conduct and shareholders


The directors are committed to acting responsibly to all stakeholders and ensuring that the business is operated in a responsible manner, with appropriately high standards of business conduct and governance. The directors understand that maintaining these standards will support the delivery of the Group’s strategy and promote its long term success.


All key beneficial shareholders are represented on the Group board of directors.  Through regular board meetings, which include reports which review the Group’s business and its performance, prepared by the directors and senior management team and circulated in advance, shareholders are able to properly consider and input to matters relevant to them as shareholders and ensure that the Group’s activities remain compliant with these conduct standards.




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