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Answers to HSL Weekly Quiz – 17th June

Now for the answers to the quiz…


  1. Which breed of dog is the tallest in the world?

Great Dane


  1. How many flights of stairs are there in The Shard?



  1. Who was Henry VIII’s third wife?

Jayne Seymour


  1. In what year did ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ first air?

1994 – Dawn French was 37 years old in the first episode!


  1. Can you name all three of the water signs in the zodiac?

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces


  1. In what habitat would you find a Bobbit worm (also known as Eunice aphroditois)?

The ocean (the ocean floor if we’re being very particular)


  1. Which is higher, the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower?

The Empire State


  1. What is the name of the horse that has won the Grand National for the last two years?

Tiger Roll


  1. How many children does Queen Elizabeth II have?

Four (Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward)


  1. Which OBE-holding UK comedian hosted ‘Big Break’ and ‘The Generation Game’?

Jim Davidson


  1. Who invented electricity?

Benjamin Franklin


  1. How many players are on the field at once in an American Football game?

22 players (11 on each team)


  1. From the hit TV show, ‘Gogglebox’, Giles and Mary have an interchangeable nickname for each other. What is it?



  1. Which country has the smallest population?

Vatican City


  1. In what year was the first Tour de France staged?



  1. Which breed of cow is the biggest producer of milk in the UK?



  1. How many miles is 10 kilometres?

6.2 miles


  1. Which is ABBA’s biggest selling track?

Dancing Queen


  1. Approximately, how deep is the ocean in feet? You can have to the nearest 100!



  1. In what period is the first series of Downtown Abbey set?

1912 – after the Titanic disaster.


 We would LOVE to hear if you got them right so please share your results with us on Facebook and Instagram – let us know if you did it with a friend and tag them too!

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