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Answers to HSL’s Weekly Quiz – 24th June

Now for the answers to the quiz…


  1. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag?



  1. Who wrote ‘Gone with the Wind’?

Margaret Mitchell


  1. What was the name of the first ever James Bond film? Extra points if you can name the actor that played Bond too!

Dr. No. And, it was the iconic Sean Connery.


  1. Which country is the world’s largest producer of wine?

Italy! We’re partial to a Shiraz.


  1. In Greek mythology, who is the goddess of agriculture?



  1. What was the name of the main protagonist (adorable rabbit) in Watership Down?



  1. Jean-Claude Killy was famous for partaking in which sport?



  1. In the Lion King, what type of monkey is Rafiki?



  1. When was the film, ’The Railway Children’, first released?

21 December 1970


  1. Which tree produces conkers?

Horse Chestnut


  1. What is the capital of New Zealand?



  1. Which country was the first to use paper money?



  1. A ‘bind’ is a group of what?



  1. Which national flag has a lion holding a sword on it?

Sri Lanka


  1. In the line of succession for the throne, what place number is Princess Beatrice of York?



  1. What two colours, if mixed together, can create purple?

Red and blue


  1. Can you name the three main presenters from the old BBC garden takeover programme, Ground Force?

Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh


  1. In April – rarely before – female Blue Tits will start laying their eggs. Typically, one egg will be laid per day, each at around 6am, until her clutch is complete. How many eggs does an average clutch consist of?

8–10 eggs


  1. How many pyramids are there in Egypt?



  1. In the phonetic alphabet, what is used for G?


We would LOVE to hear if you got them right, so please share your results with us on Facebook and Instagram – let us know if you did it with a friend and tag them too!

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