Home Comforts Volume 6 Book Puzzle Answers

12th September, 2022

We hope you enjoyed reading our little book of Home Comforts, Volume 6. Here are the answers to the puzzles:

Sudoku - Easy

Home Comforts Volume 6 Easy Sudoku

Sudoku - Hard

Home Comforts Volume 6 Hard Sudoku

British Animals Crossword


  1. Large mammal often found in National Trust property woodlands


  1. Back in UK woods after centuries away (2 words)

Wild boar

  1. Unless you’re in Scotland, you’re much more likely to spot a grey variety of this species (2 words)

Red squirrel

  1. Suited to land and water and have a playful nature


  1. Mostly lives in underground burrows as they are continually being preyed by foxes, weasels, and domestic cats (2 words)

Wood Mouse

  1. Only spiky animal found in the UK


  1. Often occupies the same sett for generations and lays a network of well-trodden undergrowth paths




  1. Back in UK rivers after centuries away


  1. Also known as the highland tiger (2 words)

Scottish wildcat

  1. The largest wading bird found in Europe, recognised by a long curved bill.


  1. Our most abundant mammal and is a vital link in the food chain


  1. They have a distinct zig-zag pattern and red eyes


  1. Live in hives and produce a sweet tasting substance (2 words)


Wordsearch - Countries Beginning with 'B'

Home Comforts Volume 6 Wordsearch

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