What is CleverComfort™? Introducing our 7-Point Seating Assessment

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CleverComfort™ is a unique system of gentle ergonomic engineering, developed by HSL in partnership with an independent Occupational Therapist, drawing on almost 50 years’ experience in the science of comfort at HSL.

HSL’s unique, Occupational Therapist approved, Seven Point Posture System is one of the ways that we deliver CleverComfort™ ensuring that the chair supports you in all the right places.

How Our 7-Point Seating Assessment Works

The 7-point Personal Posture System

1. Bottom in the right spot

The starting point is to make sure your bottom fits snugly into the back of the seat. When your bottom touches the back of the chair, your lower back, shoulders and neck are supported correctly.

2. The right seat height for comfort

For the most comfortable chair, the seat needs to be at the correct height to support your legs and back. Your feet should be flat on the floor and your knee forms a right angle. Sitting and rising will become a lot easier in a chair that is fitted correctly.

3. Seat depth

The correct seat depth should see your calves gently touching the leg rest.

4. Getting the width right

For the correct width, make sure you can sit comfortably with your arms resting on the arm rests. Too small a gap puts pressure on your hips; too large and your shoulders aren’t supported, causing you to lean to one side.

5. Lumbar support

All backs are different, so make sure the curve in the chair follows and supports the curve of your back.

6. Keeping a level head

When the neck is supported correctly, the head is not forward or too high above the back of the chair.

7. Elbows to fingers

Your forearms, wrists and hands should be fully supported by the chair arms, so your shoulders are in their natural resting position.

Why Good Posture Matters

The importance of good posture cannot be underestimated. Poor posture – which has a number of root causes – can trigger all kinds of medical and lifestyle issues, ranging from back, neck and shoulder problems to increased stress and fatigue. Over time, consistently bad posture can place a huge amount of strain on muscles and soft tissues, causing long-term discomfort.

However, many people don’t know how to improve their posture.

The best place to start is your living room! A lot of us will sit in a chair that is simply not right for us, which means it’s almost impossible to maintain a perfect posture. At HSL, we’ve developed our 7-Point Personal Posture System to help you find a chair that is right for you.

Our experts will use this approach to ensure that each part of your body is properly supported at the same time, giving you unrivalled comfort and minimising the risk of long-term issues caused by poor posture.

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