Delivery from as early as 6-8 weeks* (*exclusions apply)

Your safety and that of our colleagues is our highest priority, we therefore have a number of measures in place to ensure that you’re in safe hands.

We will always:

  • Wash and sanitise our hands regularly.
  • Wear the appropriate personal protection provided; masks and gloves in-store, and masks, gloves, face visors and overshoes when visiting you in your home.
  • Maintain a safe 2 metre distance from you and anyone with you.
  • We will ensure that no other customers will come into your vicinity whilst you are in-store, and we will not serve other customers whilst we serve you.
  • Ensure there is no physical contact between you and ourselves.
  • Perform a Contact-free 7-Point Seating Assessmentâ„¢ to find the right size and solution for you.
  • We will sanitise our store and products regularly to ensure the same high standard of cleanliness for all of our customers. You will also have full access to our mobile sanitisation station for anything you require.
  • When visiting one of our stores, for your peace of mind, our doors will remain closed to ensure we are in full control of the cleanliness and sanitisation of our store at all times.
  • When visiting you in your home, we will always sanitise our hands and our furniture before entering.
  • When we leave, we will sanitise all our products to ensure the same high standard of cleanliness before entering the next customer’s home.
  • Our Contact-free Delivery team, will follow all of the same safety measures and will be wearing masks, visors, gloves and overshoes for your protection.
  • We have a 100% wellness measure in place; ensuring that if any of our colleagues experience any symptoms, they are isolating in-line with Government advice.