Meet our Occupational Therapist

Julie Jennings Dip COT, HCPC
Occupational Therapist and Health Expert

"Getting a good night’s sleep should be an essential part of our daily health and wellbeing routine. It helps to declutter the mind and restore the body’s natural equilibrium. Having the right bed, mattress and environment will optimise this process to ensure you sleep soundly and wake feeling refreshed and energised."

Meet Hypnos’ Sleep Expert

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier MSC, MBCT-i
Sleep Expert and Clinical Therapist

“Sleep is the cornerstone to health and wellbeing at every age. By better understanding our unique sleep needs, we can create a personal rest and recovery routine with a bed that adjusts to relieve any aches and pains. The Contour Sleep Collection cradles the body where support is needed, thus improving your posture and sleep quality. Better quality sleep means a better day ahead.”

Why is sleep posture important for wellbeing?

What to consider when finding your perfect adjustable bed

1. Which size and style of bed is for you?

2. How do you sleep?

3. Is your body supported in your preferred position?

Key areas to consider

Think about the head and ears

Check the shoulder alignment

Consider the elbow and ribs

Ensure the thigh is supported

Think about the calf and knee

Consider the placement of heels and toes

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