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Best Recliner Chairs

Seven of the best recliner chairs for ultimate comfort and support

Enjoying the comfort of a recliner is one of life’s simple pleasures, that’s why we have taken the time to shortlist some of the best recliner chairs and sofas to help you in your search for the right one.

As Comfort Specialists, we’ve got years of expertise and experience in knowing what makes a comfortable recliner chair. So, whether your focus is on how the reclining mechanism works, the details of the upholstery or finding the right lumbar support, our recommendations will make your journey to owning a recliner much easier.

Reclining chairs make a great addition to your home as they offer outstanding comfort whilst supporting your back and legs. If you’re not quite sure if this is the type of chair you’re looking for, then read our complete guide to recliners here, to find out more.

1. Best manual recliner

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A manual recliner chair is one that you operate by hand; by the side of the recliner there will be a catch that you can lightly pull on and the backrest will recline smoothly whilst the footrest rises up to support your legs. This type of recliner is a great choice for those that have good mobility or are trying out a recliner for the first time.

If all of the above points tick your boxes, then our Aysgarth Manual Recliner may be the one for you.  Available in a huge choice of fabric and leather options (perfect for complementing any living room), the Aysgarth features deeply padded back cushions that follow the contour of your spine to help maintain posture and prevent back pain. You’ll find more information on why posture is important and how to improve it in our correct posture guide.

2. Best power recliner

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A high-quality power recliner can upgrade your living room setup like nothing else. Unlike a manual recliner, this type is activated by a straightforward touch of a button, which will initiate the backrest to begin gently tilting backwards whilst the footrest rises, with no added input needed. What’s more, another simple button press will return your chair to how it was positioned before you reclined.

Our Ripley Power Recliner has an impressive and supportive three-part cushioned back, and its mix of contemporary and ergonomic design makes it easy on the eye – and the joints. The buttons are gentle, so you’ll be eased back into a relaxing position smoothly.

3. Best rechargeable power recliner

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With a rechargeable power recliner, you have the luxury of being able to reposition your chair anywhere in your home once it’s fully charged, freeing up plug usage and allowing your interior design visions to come to fruition.

You’ll be treated to ultimate comfort with our Penrith Rechargeable Power Recliner. With plump pillow arms, ample seating room and fibre-filled back cushions, this stylish, comfortable recliner is one of the most popular in our wide range.

4. Best leather recliner

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If you’re a leather-lover and on the hunt for a leather recliner chair, we know the perfect place to start. There are many benefits, for example, it’s usually easier to maintain than fabric (especially when it comes to wiping off any accidental tea spillages), which in turn makes it extremely durable and long-lasting.

Not everyone knows whether they prefer leather to a more supple fabric, so if you’re still doing your research on this topic, our useful Leather or Fabric post may be able to lend a helping hand.

However, if you’re already sold, have a look at our Burrows Relax Power Recliner. With a huge selection of leathers to choose from, you’re sure to find a style to suit you and your home. If you need more support in deciding which leather is for you, our leather colour palette guide is your go-to. Comfort and style await.

5. Best fabric recliner

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Some of us just can’t resist a soft fabric and a jazzy design! Sinking into a warm fabric recliner chair can almost feel as good as a real hug. At HSL, we make sure our recliners fit you perfectly; to do this we perform a 7-Point Seating Assessment™, designed and taught by Occupational Therapist, Julie Jennings Dip COT HCPC.

With a striking waterfall back, the Aysgarth Power Recliner is a great choice for anyone who likes soft cushioning and unwavering support. When it comes to fabric, the Aysgarth has designs galore – with earthy tones like our Kilburn Patchwork Oatmeal and Portobello Leaf Natural, to more statement designs like the Wolseley Red and Arcade Lagoon. This recliner is a design lover’s dream.

6. Best recliner sofa

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Knowing a recliner is right for you is a great starting point, but if you’re looking to share with a partner, it may be that a reclining sofa is better suited to your needs.

If so, our Burrows 2-Seater Power Recliner Sofa is relaxation personified as it offers boundless lumbar support. With a classic style that will become a focal point in any living room, its wide range of fabric choices makes this reclining sofa an easy “yes please”.

7. Best Stressless recliner

Stressless 590 X 400

We’re proud to stock Stressless®, as we believe it’s a brand that delivers undeniable comfort, which aligns with our own comfort mission at HSL. So, if you’ve set your heart on welcoming a Stressless® into your home, we’d recommend the Stressless® Wing Classic Power Leg and Back Recliner. Complete with matching footstool, this recliner has a stylish, modern aesthetic.

It’s not hard to imagine yourself reclining in this dream chair; picture yourself delving into your favourite book, accompanied by a cup of tea. We can see it already!

We hope this round-up of the best recliners has helped you in your search for seated bliss. If you’d like to take a look at our full collection of recliner chairs, you can find our impeccable range here.

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