All About Armchairs

Your comfort is safe in the hands of our skilled craftsmen and women

When you sit in one of our HSL chairs for the first time, it can be quite a revelation; we’ve heard first-hand about how they “change lives”! Our skilled craftspeople have several years of experience in creating high quality furniture and our understanding of how to support your body as you sit is second to none. All our chairs have comfortable, yet firm, seat cushions and lumbar support in the correct position for optimum comfort on the backrest. We also make sure the arm rests are at a height that lets you relax your shoulders whilst being supported from elbow to fingers.

The importance of these design features come into play when they help alleviate joint pain and backache, arthritic conditions and headaches. Stylish good looks are, of course, important – we want you to love looking at your furniture, as well as sitting in it! So while consulting with interior designers, we use only the best quality fabrics to make sure our chairs are elegant, as well as being comfortable and practical.

Our chairs are ideal for people who suffer from the following:

  • Backache
  • Sore joints
  • Circulation problems
  • Swollen legs and feet
  • Arthritis
  • Stiff neck
  • Headaches and Stress
  • Insomnia

Understanding the correct size for easy sitting and rising

We make sure that sensible seat heights, easy-grip arm rests and strong stable designs make our chairs very easy to love. To sit most comfortably, your body and thighs should be in an ‘L’ position with your feet reaching the floor without too much pressure on them. This takes the pressure off your back and knees, allowing muscles to relax. Our Comfort Specialists will take the time to conduct a full 7-Point Seating Assessment™ to make sure you get the right chair for you.

Our Comfort Specialists will check that:

  • The height and width of the chair is right for you
  • The chair provides good lumbar support in all positions
  • Your head is supported
  • The armrests are at a height that enables you to sit correctly and relax your shoulders

Top quality materials make all the difference

We only choose the best quality wood, foams, webbing and springs to support you sitting comfortably. Nothing is left to chance. Even the depth and width of the seat cushions are calculated for maximum comfort and support.

Essential lumbar support

Our specially designed backrests prevent unnecessary tension in your back, neck and shoulders, and all our chairs have lumbar supports that help you to sit correctly; this then leads to you being more comfortable.

Lumbar Support



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