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How to Choose the Best Armchair for You

First thing’s first, what is an armchair? An armchair is a small, single-seater chair with armrests and side supports – however, at HSL, an armchair is so much more than that. Here, with the help of our Comfort Specialists, you can find a stylish, comfortable armchair that will lend a touch of sophistication to your living room and provide you with total support and comfort as you rest.

With various styles available, explore our armchair buying guide to help find the perfect fit for you. We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the perfect armchair – so call in at one of our showrooms or schedule a home visit to make sure you find the best armchair to fit your specific needs.

Things to think about when looking for the best armchair

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable, everyday armchair or the best armchair for back pain – there are things to take account, including:

  • Style – What material and colour do you want? What armchair style will fit best with your living space?
  • Comfort – This should be a major priority, especially if you’re going to be sat in your chair for a long period of time.
  • Size – Make sure you choose a size that will fit the space you have.
  • Purpose – Do you need a high backrest to help relieve back pain? Do you need sturdy armrests to ease sitting down and standing up?

Are armchairs good for small spaces?

Armchairs come in various shapes and sizes. A small armchair is a great way to utilise a compact area. If you’re looking to create a space for rest and recuperation, a supportive HSL armchair with ergonomic design and pressure-relieving padding makes for the perfect accompaniment to your décor.

What is the most comfortable armchair?

Here at HSL, sensible seat heights, easy-grip arm rests and strong, stable designs make our chairs very easy to love. To sit most comfortably, your body and thighs should be in an ‘L’ position – with your feet reaching the floor without too much pressure placed on them. This takes the pressure off your back and knees, allowing muscles to relax. Find out more about why supportive chairs are so important for posture in our guide.

By visiting a store or booking a home visit, our Comfort Specialists will take the time to conduct a full 7-Point Seating Assessment™ to make sure you get the right chair for you.

Our Comfort Specialists will check that:

  • The height and width of the chair is right for you
  • The chair provides good lumbar support in all positions
  • Your head is supported
  • The armrests are at a height that enables you to sit correctly and relax your shoulders

We only choose the best quality wood, foams, webbing and springs to support you sitting comfortably. Even the depth and width of the seat cushions are calculated for maximum comfort and support.

The Eltham Armchair

How to style a supportive armchair

Choosing an armchair to coordinate with the rest of your living space can seem daunting at first – but not to worry. We’re here to give you some tips:

  • Consider your colour palette: Choose a colour that fits the same aesthetic as the rest of the room if you want to keep things simple. Or use your armchair as an opportunity to introduce a pop of colour into the space to make a statement.
  • Avoid clashing patterns: If you already have patterned cushions or curtains, avoid clashing with a different armchair pattern. Instead, choose an armchair in a plain fabric for a more harmonious look.
  • Think about symmetry: How you arrange your living room furniture can make all the difference. Try not to tuck your armchair into a corner, but rather place it opposite your sofa and add a coffee table between the two to create a symmetrical effect.
  • Create a reading nook: If you do want to keep your armchair separate, then turn a corner into a dedicated spot for reading and relaxing by placing a small side table and lamp next to it.


Where to buy the perfect armchair?

At HSL, we’ve heard first-hand about how our chairs ‘change lives’. Our skilled craftspeople have several years of experience in creating high-quality furniture, and our understanding of how to support your body as you sit is second to none. All our chairs have comfortable yet firm seat cushions and lumbar support in the correct position for optimum comfort on the backrest. We also ensure our arm rests are at a height that lets you relax your shoulders while being supported from elbow to fingers.

Stylish good looks are, of course, important – we want you to love looking at your furniture, as well as sitting in it. So, while consulting with interior designers, we use only the best quality fabrics to make sure our chairs are elegant, as well as being comfortable and practical.

There you have it – our guide on how to find the best armchair for you. If you require more help and advice, check out our other guides here. Don’t forget to visit one of our showrooms or book a home visit so our Comfort Specialists can help you discover the perfect chair from our stunning collection. HSL feel-good furniture is designed around you – to not only look good, but to feel good as well. With various designs and materials available, we’re all about making your furniture as unique as you.

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