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Bedroom Interior Ideas and Trends for 2022 to Create a Soothing Sanctuary

A new year or a change of season signals the ideal time to transform your home with some brand-new interior decoration.

Your bedroom is one of the rooms you spend the most time in day-to-day, so it’s well worth making sure it’s a cosy, comfortable and pleasant place to be. Although, with so many bedroom interior ideas to consider, it can seem a little daunting to decide exactly how to decorate, furnish and accessorise your room.

Luckily, we’ve come up with an inspirational guide that will show you how easy it can be to adopt some of the best bedroom ideas for 2022 into your home and create a soothing sanctuary.

Our Top Bedroom Design Trends for 2022

Like the idea of refreshing your bedroom? From modern minimalism to bold, blue colours, these are the top trends to incorporate into your own home this season:

Natural Bliss

What better source of inspiration than the natural world? Transform your bedroom into a relaxing haven by mirroring the outdoors in its design. This could be as simple as choosing some leaf-patterned bedding or adding a nature-inspired print in a few scatter cushions.

You could also take this trend to the next level by incorporating a mix of warm neutral shades and deep green hues. Warm lighting is also essential for achieving a natural feel in your interiors. Instead of solely relying on a pendant light, pick out a nice bedside or floor lamp which will create a lovely soft glow – ideal for bedtime reading too. Why not finish the look with the perfect reading chair too?

Bedroom Interior Trends 2022

Modern Minimalism

When you think of the word ‘minimalist’, don’t just assume this means bare and boring! Instead, this brilliant bedroom trend incorporates muted colours and simple lines to create a tranquil space for rest and relaxation.

Minimalism also means decluttering your space. Maximise your storage with under-bed drawers or floating shelves, then tidy away anything that doesn’t need to be out, whether that’s your clothes and shoes or any old ornaments. Remember: at the end of the day, a messy, cluttered bedroom won’t feel like a soothing space to fall asleep in.

Bedroom Interior Trends 2022

Dark and Decadent Blues

Navy blue cropped up a lot in 2021 and it’s set to be a major 2022 bedroom trend. It’s a brilliant shade to use if you want to create a regal, luxurious look that will feel especially cosy in the colder months.

Getting this bold blue trend right will depend on the size and light level of your room. Navy and similar tones are best for rooms that have a decent amount of natural light. To avoid your bedroom becoming too dark, keep the rest of your colour palette light where possible. White always pairs well with blue, but you could also mix it up with pale grey or light pink.

Bedroom Interior Trends 2022

Luxe Glamour

This trend is the opposite of minimalism and allows you to be a little more creative with your colours and fabrics. Satin cushion covers, plush velvet throws and gorgeous gold motifs make this look extra easy to achieve.

You could also pick out new bedding in rich, jewel tones or apply wallpaper behind your bed with a striking Art Deco-inspired print. Statement lighting in metallic tones is also a brilliant option if you’re hoping to turn your bedroom into a luxury haven.

Bedroom Interior Trends 2022

Five Simple Bedroom Interior Ideas

If you’re not quite ready to overhaul your entire bedroom just yet, consider these five easy yet effective bedroom interior ideas instead:

Select a statement headboard

If you’ve got a perfectly good bed already, whether that’s one of our adjustable beds or a standard frame, you might be reluctant to swap it for a new one for the sake of a new look. That’s where the right headboard can really make a difference.

Wood and metal headboards will always look timeless. But for the ultimate stand-out piece of bedroom furniture, take a look at some fabric headboards. They come in so many stunning shades and plush fabric options, from classic cotton to soft-touch velvet. They can transform your bedroom in an instant.

Bedroom Interior Trends 2022

Install coordinating wall lamps

Want to give your bedroom a plush, hotel-like feel? Instead of using bedside lamps to create a warm lighting scheme, consider installing a pair of gorgeous wall lamps on either side of your bed. Select some with shades in a contrasting pattern to the rest of your room or keep things coordinated with a lampshade that matches your walls or the main colour tone in your bedding.

Switch up your bedding

Find yourself constantly switching between the same few boring bedding sets? Upgrade with a new set in a bright hue or pattern that’ll give your bedroom an instant injection of colour.

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom and where the eye is often drawn to first. Go for a bedding set in a colour that goes with the rest of your design scheme. You could also play around with prints or find a set that’s reversible and features two trending colourways.

How to sleep in the heat

Experiment with wallpaper

There’s no reason to be scared of wallpaper. It comes in so many colours, prints and textures, plus it’s easy to put up with the right know-how!

Create a statement wall with an eye-catching wallpaper or go for the half-and-half look by wallpapering only the top half of your walls. You can then break up the two areas with a wooden dado rail painted a colour that complements the rest of your interiors.

Bedroom Interior Trends 2022

Create an oasis with cushions

It’s hard to deny that cushions automatically make a space look comfy and inviting – and they’re not only for the living room, either. Placing a few scatter cushions on your bed is a wonderful way to add a bit of brightness to an otherwise plain colour scheme. They’ll also provide extra support for your back if you want to relax on your bed while reading or watching TV.

Bedroom Interior Trends 2022

We hope you’ve found our bedroom interior ideas inspiring. If you’re keen to update your living room too, why not take a look at our guide to dressing a sofa? We’ve also got some expert tips from interior designer, Claire Mallinson, on the dos and don’ts of redecorating your home. 

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