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Chairs for the Elderly: Your Buying Guide

Our elderly relatives have seen us through thick and thin. Many sacrificed much of their own happiness in order to look after us when we were younger. As they age, it’s only right that we return the favour – let them be the ones taken care of.

We’ll want to make sure we give them the very best quality items in their latter years. As they age, the need to be seated can increase and it’s important to ensure that they are comfortable, supporting their posture and circulation as well as possible, with specially designed chairs for the elderly.

There might seem like an overwhelming amount of things to think about: from reclining chairs, electric riser recliners, armchairs, to fireside chairs; how do you know which type will suit your loved one best?

The experts at HSL are here to help.

Reclining chairs

When looking at what kind of chair will best suit your relative’s needs, reclining chairs for the elderly are a logical place to start.

The reason these are so popular is because there will always be an ample amount of sumptuous padding – ensuring ultimate comfortable sitting. The ability to pull the catch and slip back into a reclining position with feet elevated, can complete the feeling of utter relaxation.

As bodies age, circulation issues can start to worsen. Occupational Therapist, Julie Jennings Dip COT HCPC says that elevating feet can help “with circulatory problems such as swollen ankles and feet, aching legs, as well as swollen and painful knees.”

Julie also recommends that “the end of the foot rest should stop at the Achilles arch – allowing the ankle and foot to move freely. This will encourage movement which is essential to aid circulation and reduce pressure from heels.”

Here at HSL, we have a whole range of stunning manual recliners – for example, you could choose from the waterfall backed Aysgarth, the striking Ripley, or the beautiful Burrows with its more modern look and feel.

Reclining Chair
Reclining Chair And Sofa 2

Electric recliner

For some of our ageing loved ones, the catch function on a recliner chair might be a little too fiddly or perhaps they like the feeling of a little bit more luxury. Here at HSL, you can upgrade our sumptuous chairs to the option of a powered recliner. These have all the benefits listed above, but at the simple touch of a button.

Electric chairs for the elderly are ideal to help anyone who might suffer from heart disease conditions. Early symptoms of these include fatigue, dizziness and lower limb swelling. Julie Jennings advises that:

“Seating that provides flexibility to allow someone to rest but also enables independent function is essential.  Leg elevation would be necessary and I recommend an integral leg raiser rather than an independent foot stool.”

These ergonomically designed chairs are available in all the ranges listed with the catch recliners, as well as the Penrith – available in both standard power recliner and a handy rechargeable power recliner – meaning you can reposition the chair easily once it’s fully charged.

Riser recliner chairs

When you are choosing to invest in excellent British craftsmanship, and with up to a 25 year guarantee, you might like to think long term and start looking at Riser Recliner chairs for your elderly relative.

These fantastic designs mean they can have the luxury of a reclining back and elevating footplate, but with the extra convenience of being able to raise up into a standing position.

As we age, gravity can make the ability to lift ourselves out of a seat more of a challenge. These chairs can assist in safe standing and sitting, enabling more daily activity and less sedentary sitting. They can be a huge benefit to people who might tire quickly, and where pain is variable.

Aysgarth Riser Recliner Chair

Julie Jennings says that Riser Recliners are:

“Great for people with widespread arthritic type pain and where a more bespoke positioning is required for comfort. They are also beneficial for people with respiratory, circulatory and abdominal problems.

The chairs allow independence without removing the positive benefits of using essential core muscles and maintaining strength.”

Our relaxed collection of armchairs all offer the Riser Recliner design – meaning you have a whole range of design choices to pick from.


Fireside chairs

You might not immediately think of fireside chairs for those who are elderly, but when they are made correctly and with the appropriate types of support, then they can be just what is needed to give comfort, support and extra health benefits.

Sitting upright with the correct postural support can help with many

One of the effects of bad posture, or ‘slumping’, is that the stomach may become compressed, causing the tip of the breastbone to press down into the general area where food is processed and digested. This can, in turn, cause stomach pains and digestive difficulties.

Having a fireside chair that is made specifically to support good posture can help towards minimising this effect.

At HSL we have a huge range of fireside chairs to choose from, all approved by our independent Occupational Therapist – from the classically styled Glenmore, to the striking upright Buckingham, and to the 60s inspired Carnaby, with many more besides.

How to find the style they’ll love

Whilst it is very important to think about the health benefits associated with a chair or sofa when you are considering the comfort of your relatives, you also want them to be happy with the look and style of it.

Living Room Suite With Recliner And Feature Fireplace

At HSL we have styles to suit all tastes, not forgetting that each piece can be upholstered in hundreds of different fabrics and leathers. Customers are often encouraged to bring in pictures or items from their living room so that we can find tones and styles to complement their current décor.

We also have a free Home Visit service available for anyone who would prefer we come to them instead. The Comfort Specialist will have an array of styles and fabrics to look through to make sure they’re happy. Any relatives or carers are also very welcome to accompany this visit if they would like.

Choosing comfort for your elderly relative is a big decision, we’d always recommend popping into a local store or arranging a Home Visit to “try before you buy”. Our Comfort Specialists will guide you both through our 7-Point Seating Assessment™ to ensure the correct fit. They’ve helped countless customers for more than 50 years.

Don’t just take our word for it. Trustpilot is filled with thousands of amazing reviews expressing happiness in the service received. Here’s just one of the many:

“Visited the store in Guiseley, Leeds with my wife, Mum and Dad. Amazing experience from the moment we entered the showroom. Jennifer gave us a warm welcome, spent valuable time with us to answer questions, help us find the right chairs for my elderly parents without any pressure to buy – it just felt she was there to guide us through finding the best available options. Would genuinely recommend this place.”

To find out more about our chairs, and to browse all the styles we have, please visit our You can also read about all the health benefits associated with them on this dedicated health and wellbeing page.

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