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Bring A Cosy Country Cottage Feel To Your Home This Autumn/Winter

As the darker nights start to close in, it could be the ideal time to bring a cosier feel to your home décor. Before you know it you’ll be lighting your living room fire and with a few subtle interior design tweaks, you can transform your space in no time at all.

We’re delighted to share 8 easy ways to bring a cosy country cottage feel to your home this autumn/winter:

Seasonal blooms

Beautiful flowers are usually something you’d associate with spring and summer, but there are lots of seasonal blooms you could have in your home during the autumn and winter months. Whether it’s hardy fuchsias, dahlias, cornflowers or chrysanthemums, you can bring the outside in with these pretty flowers in a tall vase as a mantle centrepiece.

You don’t need to stop there, why not accessorise your living room with floral cushions or framed floral pictures to tie it all together? If you really want that extra special touch, you could have a feature fireside chair in a gorgeous floral fabric. The warm tones and beautiful design of Strawberry Thief by William Morris really does add a touch of class to your living space.

Glenmore Strawberry Thief

Introduce texture

For an easy way to bring a cosy feel to your sitting area, introduce knitted textures. You could do this with cushions, throws or other soft furnishings. Not only will it look fantastic, it will also be an easy way to warm up on a cold evening by wrapping yourself up in a soft knitted blanket.

Try to focus on fairly neutral muted colours like beige or even light grey. These will be particularly striking with a bold contrast – whether that be on your dark toned suite or a feature wall.

Aysgarth Suite

Embrace ochre

It’s the season where the leaves on the trees change colour and there are stunning scenes in our woodlands. You could bring a little of these gorgeous colours home by having a pop of ochre or mustard to brighten up your home. Find some lush cushion covers, a blanket or two, or be bold and purchase a feature chair to tie your whole room together.

You may not be able to walk outside in the lovely countryside as much as you’d like during the colder months, but you can certainly find ways of bringing the colours and feel of sunshine to your living room.


Decorative Wreath

In years past, a wreath would simply be used as a decoration at Christmas time. More recently, however, they’ve evolved into a feature that can be utilised all year round. They’re a gorgeous addition to your front door or hung up in your living room above the fireplace.

You could either buy one online from boutique shops like Pippa Designs, or create your own by following a tutorial. Look out for our easy-to-follow guide in the latest edition of our Home Comforts book.


Change up the layout

During the summer months you may have spent more time outdoors – whether that be in your garden, on walks, or meeting up with a friend at a café after they reopened. Now that you’re back in your living room a bit more, you might feel like you want to change the layout a little.

Move your favourite chair away from the window and closer to the fireplace instead – ready for the colder nights. Once this has been changed, you can make adjustments to the rest of the room so it all ties in together.

Don’t forget, if you are worried about straining yourself by moving furniture around, ask a friend, neighbour or family member to help with moving the big items. For layout inspiration, you could browse our Pinterest board.

Solway Check Heather

Velvet textures

Is there anything that feels more cosy than snuggling up on the soft texture of a velvet chair? The smoothness can bring another level of comfort to your already comfortable position. We’d suggest opting for the warm jewel rich colours – a sapphire blue, rich emerald green or copper for an elegant and indulgent look.

Again, these could either be in the choice of scatter cushions, throws or the furniture itself. A bit of seasonal tweaking can transform the look of your room entirely.

Ripley Suite

Seasonal display

Another way to bring the outside in is with a carefully planned autumn/winter display. Do you have a dresser, cabinet or mantelpiece you could turn into a bit of a feature? A minature pumpkin, some forest foliage, faux blackberries, oversized pinecones and even conkers can be paired with a storm lantern and candle to bring a lovely homely, cosy feel to the room.

Perhaps you could go for a walk in the woods with your grandchildren and ask them to collect pretty items to be featured. Why not paint a little golden glitter delicately on the pine cones and conkers to tie in with an ochre coloured throw?

Glenmore Seasonal Display

Leather suite

Bring a cosy feel to your home décor with a leather suite. Enjoy the sumptuous comfort and warmth that the material’s earthy tones can bring to a living room.

Relax even more by upgrading to a power recliner model – you’ll not resent the colder outdoors when you’ve got so much comfort indoors. For more information about the different colour options available, you could read our article: Leather recliner chairs for every colour palette.

Penrith Suite Autumn

Just picture yourself – snuggled up on your comfortable chair next to an open fire, cradling a mug of tea ready to watch your favourite TV programme or read a new book. You look out the window and see the array of colours on the trees and smile in the knowledge that your living room is a reflection of the beauty outside in the crisp autumn evening.

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