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Sizes To Fit You

Have you ever been in the unfortunate position of wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit?

You shift your feet around, you might try an in-sole, or even stick something down the front; but nothing can quite make them feel right. Later you decide to try again, and you get a pair that are specifically fitted to your feet, and suddenly the sun starts shining and all is well with the world.

Our bodies don’t come in a “one size fits all” shape – so why do we think that a chair or sofa would be any different to shoes when it comes to choosing them?

Comfort Posture

A relatively unknown side effect of sitting on chairs or sofas that don’t fully support our body, is that our posture can be severely affected. Many of us develop what, in Occupational Health circles, is often called a “Comfort Posture” or “Comfort Position”. This term refers to the most comfortable position we hold in a particular seat. If our go-to chair or sofa doesn’t provide adequate postural support by being the right size and shape, then our comfort posture may be detrimental to our overall health and fitness, leading to, at best, aches and pains, and at worst, damaged joints and deformity.

A good way of understanding this is to think back to when you went away on holiday, or you stayed at someone’s home for a long period of time. When you went, did you find it an odd, even painful, experience to get used to a different bed or chair? This is because your muscles (and brain) learn the most comfortable position to be in, and when we go somewhere new, our muscles are then challenged and put under new forces whilst we try to find our new comfort position.

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How to Help

Choosing a chair or sofa that is the correct size and shape for you is one way of ensuring that the way you sit will bring you long term benefits and help avoid the complications associated with poor posture.

Here, at HSL, our 50 years of handcrafting specialist furniture and finding the perfect chair for the many customers who visit each year has given us a unique perspective on comfort.


We have learnt the unique ways in which people sit, sleep, stand and move. We have spoken to people about the impact their lifestyle has on their bodies, where and why they ache, and what helps relieve their discomfort.

We complement this with the specialist insight and training of our partner Occupational Therapist, Julie Jennings Dip COT HCPC.

We call this combined knowledge and experience CleverComfort, and it goes into the design of every chair, sofa and bed we make. Through this, we create ranges of furniture which deliver true comfort.

Finding the Right Fit

Along with CleverComfort™ we want to make sure that our customers get the absolute perfect fit. This is why all of our chairs, sofas and beds come in multiple sizes; with many of our Riser Recliners ranging from Super Petite, all the way up to Super Grande.

Of course, we would never expect you to just hazard a guess at which piece of furniture would be the right size for you, and so this is why we have developed our Occupational Therapist approved 7-Point Seating Assessment™, personalised to you:


Hip Position
Bottom fits into the back of the seat.
If the seat height is correct, the feet will be flat on the floor. The entire upper leg should also be fully supported so that the knee almost forms a right angle.
Seat Depth
If the depth of the seat is correct, the calf should gently kiss the leg rest or allow for a flat hand to be placed between the calf and leg rest.
The correct width is vital to help spread the weight across the seat. It provides pelvic stability and prevents leaning to one side.
Lower Back
The lumbar area; the natural curve in the back, is supported by the chair.
Neck and Head
When the neck is supported correctly the head is not forced forward or too high above the back of the chair.
Arm Position
Elbows to fingers must be in contact with the arm of the chair. The forearm should be supported with the shoulders in their natural resting position.

When you visit one of our Comfort Stores nationwide, or arrange a Home Visit, our Occupational Therapist trained Comfort Specialists, will carefully assess your unique needs and ensure that each part of your body is properly supported, giving you unrivalled comfort.

To find out more about our exclusive 7-Point Seating Assessment™ visit a store, or make an appointment for a free Home Visit today.

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