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HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 22nd April 2021

Are you ready to test your knowledge in this week’s quiz?  If you have any questions you’d like to see featured, send them to us at and you might see them in our next edition!

HSL Quiz

  1. Who is considered to be the main author of the Marvel Comics?


  1. What cuisine does panna cotta (a chilled, creamy dessert) come from?


  1. In golf, what does a ‘birdie’ mean?


  1. What is added to water to make tonic water?


  1. What kind of dog breed was Marley in the hit film, ‘Marley & Me’?


  1. What is a male cat most commonly called?


  1. In the human body, what does the endocrine system refer to?


  1. In the periodic table of elements, what group do lithium, sodium and potassium all belong to?


  1. What can people with type 1 diabetes not produce or produce very little of?


  1. What do the ‘M’s’ stand for in the confectionary brand, M&M’s?


  1. A Cara Cara navel is a type of what common fruit?


  1. What country does the Vatican City belong to?


  1. Which popstar is the founder of the cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty?


  1. Who was the author of the 1922 novel, ‘Ulysses’?


  1. How many points is the letter ‘K’ worth in a game of Scrabble?


  1. Sydney is the capital of Australia. True or false?


  1. Which English rock band released the hit single, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’?


  1. What artist is best known for a painting of his mother?


  1. What is American rapper, Jay-Z’s, real name?


  1. What city named its airport after Marco Polo?


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