HSL’s Weekly Quiz – 29th June

Here it is, the final quiz of June! How is it nearly July already?

We’re doing our weekly quiz a little earlier this week. This is because we’re busy making plans for our very exciting VIP summer sale starting on Wednesday 1st July. Don’t forget to check back on our website in a couple of days to see the fantastic offers available. Who knows – your future quizzes could be completed from the comfort of a new HSL chair or sofa!

Are these quizzes still challenging you? We’re keen to know. Also, we applaud anyone who manages to get number 20 right on this week’s line-up. It’s a tricky one…

  1. When was the Great Wall of China built? (here’s a clue, a very long time ago!)


  1. How far is a marathon in miles? (Again, a clue – very far)


  1. Which newspaper was published first, The Guardian or The Times?


  1. Which British actor has won the most Oscars?


  1. Which animal’s milk is used to make Stilton cheese?


  1. How many countries are there in the Commonwealth?


  1. Which countries border with Paraguay?


  1. How many three Michelin Star restaurants are there in the UK?


  1. In knitting, what does “kfb” mean?


  1. Which member of the Royal Family doesn’t need a passport to travel overseas?


  1. Is it traditional to have whipped or clotted cream with scones?


  1. In what year was colour TV introduced?


  1. What does the Latin phrase “carpe diem” translate to in literal terms?


  1. How many sealed boxes are there on ‘Deal or No Deal’?


  1. Which famous bear was created by British writer Michael Bond?


  1. Can you work out the following anagram? Bra Where Owl

Clue, a handy piece of equipment typically used in the garden.


  1. In which county is the Lake District?


  1. Which US state is the farthest south?


  1. In Batman, what is Robin’s real name?


  1. What is the name of the star that is closest to Earth?

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