HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 7th June 2021

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HSL Quiz

  1. Supermodel, Naomi Campbell, recently gave birth to her first child. Was it a boy or a girl?


  1. In which U.S. state is Niagara Falls located?


  1. Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021?


  1. What is the northernmost point of mainland Great Britain?


  1. Where did French fries originate from?


  1. What was the French Army officer, Pierre-François Bouchard, most famous for discovering in 1799?


  1. What was the first food to be eaten in space in 1962?


  1. Which English football team won the 2021 UEFA Champions League?


  1. What is Mickey Mouse’s dog called?


  1. What character did Bette Davis play in the hit 1950 film, ‘All About Eve’?


  1. In netball, the position, ‘GS’, stands for what?


  1. In which game do you have to collect as many marbles as possible with hippos?


  1. Where was the social media network, Facebook, founded in 2004?


  1. What is a female horse called?


  1. February is named after the Latin word for what?


  1. What kind of pasta is shaped like a corkscrew?


  1. What is the traditional birthstone for July?


  1. Who directed the popular 2012 movie, ‘Django Unchained’?


  1. What year did the Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, set off to circumnavigate the globe?


  1. What are baby otters called?


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