How To Relieve Heartburn and Acid Reflux at Night

We all know how great it is to wake up in the morning feeling completely refreshed after having a deep, uninterrupted sleep. But for some of us, this may be a rarity. Especially if you’re experiencing heartburn at night. If you’ve been waking up with heartburn in the middle of the night wondering why your symptoms feel more severe, it’s because being in a horizontal position makes it easier for stomach acid to leak upwards to your food pipe. During the day, whilst we’re in vertical positions, gravity works its magic, making it harder for the acid to travel upwards and cause discomfort. Our Comfort Experts (trained by our consultant Occupational Therapist, Julie Jennings) have kindly compiled some useful tips for how to stop (or reduce) the night-time symptoms, along with the best sleeping positions for acid reflux. We’d also recommend speaking to a medical professional to seek guidance on managing these issues long-term. It’s time to say so-long to that burning sensation in your chest and hello to sweet dreams.

What is heartburn?

Avoid eating triggering foods before bedtime

Carefully manage at what time you consume food

Sleep with your upper body elevated

Try sleeping on the left side of your body

Avoid tight fitting nightwear

Other things you can work on day-to-day to reduce the symptoms heartburn at night

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