How Much is Your Sleep Worth to You?

The question regarding the value of sleep has long been debated by different individuals. For example, I’m sure that you have either a friend or family member who says that they love sleep, similarly there is perhaps someone that you know who brandishes sleep as a waste of time. Therefore, are we underestimating the value of a good night’s sleep or should we instead use the time to do something more ‘productive’? Many of us already know that sleep is an essential part of health. It enables us to effectively carry out everyday tasks and to learn new things more easily. However, what else does sleep impact on the way we look, feel, perform and think? We should consider not only this but also how willing the majority of us are to invest in a good night’s sleep. Before the advent of light, or and more specifically Thomas Edison’s invention of the lightbulb, there was sufficient evidence to suggest that, as a whole, we slept more as a nation. Although previously we had slept in two four hourfour-hour periods, we also achieved better quality sleep. The reduced amount of sleep, which has been accelerated in recent years, is often thought to be a societal change. that we are seeing. However, how much is sleep worth specifically to you?

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What’s the overall value of sleep?

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